Anderson Child Custody Investigation

Are you currently involved in a custody battle? Then it might be a good idea to hire an Anderson private investigator dealing with child custody. One option that will be worth it is Upstate Private Investigators.

When it comes to an Anderson child custody investigation, we are going to do our best to make sure you have custody of your kids. Working with a private investigator experienced in custody cases is going to help because they can get information that is going to help you with your case.

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Child Custody Investigations

After a divorce, things start getting messy, including custody battles. This is when emotions are running high, and this is when many people start making claims of neglect and abuse.

You are going to need evidence if you want your case to be strong. If your partner accuses you of neglect, then you will be able to show it is not true. If you are accusing your partner, you will need to provide the court with the proof.

A private investigator dealing with child custody can help in making sure that the interests of the children are protected. Our Child Custody Investigation in Anderson are going to help in making sure that the child is safe while also gathering evidence to be used for your case.

What are Different Types of Child Custody?

There are different types of custody.

With legal custody, you are going to be responsible for making decisions that are in the best interest of the child or children. When you have physical custody, the child lives with you. Sole custody means that you will live with your child, and you also have the legal rights of making decisions.

When you have sole custody, the other parent can be given visitation rights, but they cannot make decisions concerning the child or where they live.

Joint legal custody is when both the parents play a part in the life of the child. If an issue comes up, the court is going to be involved.

If you get joint physical custody, the child is going to live part of the time in your house and part of the time in the other parent’s home.

How Does the Court Determine Who Gets Custody?

When making the decisions on custody, the court will make decisions in consideration of the interests of the child, and this is by following the Best Interests of the Child Standard.

There are a lot of factors that will be looked at when determining this. There are some clear factors such as those involving cases of abuse. But there are times when the decision is going to be made based on subtle information.

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The court is going to make decisions on things like the parent best suited to support the child, provide a safe living situation, the mental and physical needs of both the child, parent, and the family that is going to help in raising the child.

The court will have a look at the stability and lifestyle of the parents when making the decision. They also look at the criminal records of either parent, evidence of abuse or neglect, alcohol or drug abuse, history of violent behavior, and many other factors.

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How Can Upstate Private Investigators Help?

We can help by giving the court evidence that will ensure that the best decision is made. The investigation will show whether placement with one parent is good for the child or not.

There is a lot of reasons why you should consider hiring a PI for child custody. If you suspect that the other parent has committed acts of abuse or neglect, we can help in proving it. If you think that the court is going to give you custody if they have enough facts, then it is a good idea to hire a PI.

When you don’t have enough evidence to prove something, it is going to be your words against theirs, which isn’t that effective in court. Such situations will rarely ensure that the outcome is in the best interest of the child.

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What Evidence Does a Private Investigator get for Custody Cases?

During our Child Custody Investigation, we gather the following evidence for child custody cases:


The PI is going to carefully watch the child being cared for by the parent and this helps in determining whether there are any issues like neglect happening.

If the other parent uses alcohol or drugs, or if they are not showing affection to the child, the PI will use surveillance to collect the evidence. This can be used when testifying about the home environment, and whether the behavior of the parent is acceptable.

Witness Statements

This is powerful evidence that can be very helpful in court. The investigator is going to gather witness statements from witnesses who can verify suitability, character and the conduct of the other parent.

A private investigator getting a witness statement for an Anderson child custody investigation

Background Information

A background investigation of the other parent is also going to be done by a PI. What this will achieve is discovering whether the parent can take care of the child, the true financial situation and if they have any troubling history such as criminal records.


What Are Different Types of Child Custody Cases?

Each case is different from the other, but they usually fall in a couple of categories. The PI is going to employ some of the best strategies when dealing with the case at hand.

Custody Dispute

In such cases, the investigator is going to gather the information that provides facts for the court. This is important because it can help when the other parent makes accusations and you need to prove that it isn’t true.

Custody Agreement Violation

If you suspect that the other parent has violated the terms of the custody agreement, you need evidence to take it to the court.

The most common contempt of court we see in child custody cases is a parent having a boyfriend/girlfriend stay overnight with them when the minor child is present. Most court orders state that a person of the opposite sex not related by blood or marriage cannot stay overnight when the child is present.

Some of the other common violations include failing to pick up or drop off the child at the appropriate time, having dangerous associates around the kid, and failing to take the agreed-upon appointments for the child.

Neglect and Abuse

These are very serious allegations that need to be looked at immediately, which a PI can help in. The PI is going to gather the evidence needed to keep the child safe.

Proof of Cohabitation

If the other parent is cohabiting with someone else, you can reduce child support payments or change the custody situation. If you want to prove cohabitation, then hire a PI because they are experienced in that.

Contact a PI for Your Anderson Child Custody Investigation

There is no time to waste when dealing with custody cases. There is a lot at stake, with the most important being the interest of your child.

Upstate Private Investigators can be of help when you need a PI. Contact us and we can get started.

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