Greenville GPS Investigations and Vehicle Tracking

Upstate Private Investigators offer Greenville GPS investigations and vehicle tracking to assist with the tracking of a subject. It helps in identifying the location of a subject and the time for which they were at a particular place. This technology helps in establishing the pattern being followed by the subject.

Investigations involving GPS technology are sensitive in nature, and we ensure that we are always in compliance with the local regulations and laws when using such technology. Our Greenville private investigators are capable of using this technology to help you across Upstate South Carolina.

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What are the Limitations to GPS Vehicle Tracking?

Using GPS vehicle trackers and GPS locators are complicated and come with their own limitations. We recommend using well-trained and experienced professionals to ensure no laws are broken when such advanced equipment is used to gather information in a particular case.

Keep reading if you want to know more about the many potential use cases of satellite tracking and whether it’s the right solution for your specific case.

If you feel that satellite tracking through the use of GPS technology is not particularly helpful for your case, we will recommend other methods to help you achieve your goals.

It’s important to have a good understanding of the laws and regulations involving the use of this technology. Keep in mind that not all evidence collected using this technology is admissible for civil or criminal proceedings.

This is the reason, only experienced professionals should be used in cases that involve using advanced equipment. If it is used by inexperienced people who have no understanding of this kind of work and how the technology will impact a particular case, it might backfire and negatively influence the case.

A private detective using their laptop to track the GPS location of a vehicle.

We recommend talking to a licensed professional investigator or an attorney whenever you need help in such cases.

If you talk to a private investigator and the investigator recommends using GPS equipment for dealing with your case without discussing the nature of laws associated with this technology, they are not being completely honest with you.

In case they use GPS trackers without following the law, they are, in all likelihood, committing a crime, and that is something you do not want.

Our priority is to ensure the safety and security of our clients. Therefore, we always offer complete and up-to-date advice to our clients. We take pride in operating with integrity and honesty. Our clients have been happy with the expertise we bring to the table.

Do Laws Limit Greenville GPS Investigations and Vehicle Tracking?

We must make it clear at the outset that the owner of the vehicle always needs to be aware of the presence of the tracking device. It’s very clearly stated in the South Carolina State Law.

It’s bad advice when a client is recommended to make use of GPS tracking technology where they don’t own the vehicle being used by the subject. You should never follow this advice.

However, the vehicle owner always has the authority to use a tracking device. For instance, consider a situation where the title of the car has the names of both the husband and wife or both have legal ownership of the vehicle.

This is also a situation applicable to parents who care for the safety and security of their kids.

In such cases, we can help clients by using a technological solution to track their movements. Our team of investigators and analysts will analyze the data to provide you a rough picture of the subject vehicle’s movement.

Is Vehicle Tracking Cost-Effective?

If you are qualified to use the service, you will be happy to know that using this technology can help in keeping the costs in check during the initial part of the investigation.

Without using this technology, the only option is to retain the services of at least one investigator to continuously follow the subject for a given time period.

It’s also important to understand that the use of technology doesn’t eliminate the need for direct observation. GPS technology offers accurate and high-quality information on the whereabouts of a subject as well as their pattern of life.

However, this technology doesn’t tell you what the subject is doing with their time.

With the help of data collected by GPS trackers, we will form a human monitoring plan. This plan will help in confirming the tracking results and will also tell us about the true nature of the activities being performed by the subject.

This process is designed to ensure providing you accurate information in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

How Reliable Are GPS Trackers?

We are often asked about the quality and reliability of data obtained from these trackers. Here is what we would like to inform you of this issue.

We recommend specific GPS trackers that are known to be reliable. It’s rare for these trackers to have issues. However, you shouldn’t forget that all electric equipment is highly sensitive and even though failure is rare with these units, but these can also fail in certain situations.

These units require protection from temperature and other elements of nature to ensure accurate tracking without any malfunction.

A private detective using an app on their phone to follow an individual for a client during a GPS investigations.

Having said that, these GPS trackers have already been put to use for thousands of hours and provided reliable information.

We use specialized GPS devices and these are stored in custom-made cases. We also set up these units to extend their battery life as compared to the other search tracking devices available online on sites such as Amazon.

These GPS trackers make use of cellular networks to communicate. The data collected by these trackers is relayed through the cellular networks to our advanced software. This custom software allows us to provide a detailed report on the activity and movement of the vehicle.

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There is a lot of information available online concerning the use of GPS equipment and private investigation cases. There are private detectives who use this technology in all their cases without worrying about the jurisdiction or sensitivity of the case.

There are others who don’t like using GPS devices and don’t use them at all regardless of the situation at hand.

The fact is not everything is black and white, and it’s hard to pin down the actual truth. Use of GPS trackers is allowed in specific investigations but its use depends on the particular case, the jurisdiction where the investigation takes place as well as the intent of use.

Multiple tools are available to use in a case. Only a qualified and experienced Private Investigator can give you the right advice on the use of a particular tool. If only a particular tool is used, your case will most likely fail.

We are here to help you get the right advice on the viability of using GPS trackers.

It’s fine if you don’t want to move onto the next step. We recommend giving us a call to discuss the details of your case. We offer free consultation and you will be discussing the case with a Licensed Professional Investigator.

We are friendly, approachable and discreet. Don’t feel intimidated and give us a call now, and let us help you understand the nuances of using GPS technology in your case.

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