Greenville Pre-Marital Background Investigations

Almost half of the marriages in America today end in divorce. Unfortunately, most of these marriages get ruined since one of the spouses did not realize something about their partner’s past life that could have been brought to light before committing to marriage.

Greenville pre-marital background investigations are an effective way to find out if your soon-to-be marriage partner has been honest about their past life, and whether there are things they are hiding from you.

Whenever you need to know something about your soon-to-be spouse’s past life, Upstate Private Investigators can connect you to a skilled private detective in Greenville who is specialized in such types of background checks.

Such background checks may come in handy as they give valuable information for parties who need to feel secure about their partners before making conclusive decisions.

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What Are Pre-marital Background Checks?

Premarital background checks are also known as prenuptial background checks or Greenville Pre-Marital Background Investigations investigations. These are typically checks that involve looking into the personal information, professional, and even the financial information of an individual in question.

The weight of these checks may vary, given the concerns of a client, information disclosure laws by the local authority and state, and what is discovered about the party being investigated.

Who Can Initiate a Pre-marital Background Check?

Potential spouses often seek such premarital background checks. Other parties, such as family members and close friends, may also request such Greenville Pre-Marital background checks if they find it appropriate.

Sometimes, such checks can also be initiated by business partners or other people with financial interests in a subject, who may want to know whether the union will affect their financial interests.

What is the Process of a Pre-marital Background Check?

Starting a Greenville Pre-Marital Background investigation with Upstate Private Investigators is quick, easy, and convenient.

You can complete a premarital background check in four simple steps, which allows you to get the information you need to make informed decisions as soon as possible.

Request a Consultation

To begin a premarital background check with us, you need first to submit your case online or via phone to schedule a consultation.

We will request you to provide us with some details about what you want us to investigate so that we can find the best investigator for your investigation.

Such information also helps us determine how much we will charge you for the services offered.

Greenville Pre-Marital Background Investigations

Meeting with a Private Investigator

Once you have contacted us, we will have one of our certified private investigators contact you via phone to discuss the purpose and objectives of the investigation and therefore collect essential information concerning the case.

During the phone call, the private investigator will expect you to provide as much personal information about the subject as possible.

Our private investigator might ask the following questions:

  • What is your relationship with the individual being investigated?
  • For how long have you been familiar with the subject? Do you live in the same house?
  • Do you have any reasons that may convince you that the subject is hiding something about their life from you?
  • Do you believe that the subject owes debts or owns property that they may not want you to know?

The Greenville Pre-Marital Background Investigation.

Once you make it clear that the investigation can start, our private investigator will kick off the process by performing a premarital check.

Greenville Pre-Marital background checks include activities such as:

  • Identification verification, incusing aliases.
  • Criminal history: This includes checks to verify whether the individual has been charged with any crime or convicted for any illegal activities. This may include a Sex offender database query, warrants and wants query, or an incarceration record.
  • Marriage/ Divorce record: This tells whether the subject has been married in the past. Records may show if the subject has had domestic criminal charges in the past or any civil cases.
  • Property, Assets, and Liability Records: to provide sufficient details of the subject’s financial state, as well as searching for any judgments, liens, or garnishments that could affect the marriage.
  • Court Records: Finding out whether the subject has had any civil cases, and if they have, the outcome of the lawsuit. Such searches include criminal and civil court history on a local, state, and federal level.
  • Business-Related Records: such records may include DBA records, corporate history connections, and others.
  • Extra Records: these include professional complaints, Social Security Number records, reference checks, and even driving records.

Updates on the Investigation and the Final Report

The private investigator assigned to your case will keep you up-to-date will everything they unearth or come across during their investigation.

Once they are done with the investigation or background check, they will provide a final report that gives a summary of all the information they gathered during the background check.

Once it starts, your Greenville Pre-Marital background check may not take more than 24 hours to conclude.

What is the process of a pre-marital background check

Contact Upstate PI for Greenville Pre-Marital Background Investigations

Upstate Private Investigators and its network of detectives are governed by the law and also stick to the ethical standards governing this profession.

It is, therefore, essential to note that private investigators will not have access to vital documents like bank transactions or phone records secured by state or federal law.

However, they will go after all the public information and legally-obtainable records of the subject in the premarital background check.

For more information about prenuptial background checks, contact Upstate Private Investigators today to schedule a consultation.

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