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A Greenville process server refers to a professional who is tasked with delivering legal documents to any party mentioned in a legal proceeding. Generally, process servers are often private detectives near Greenville or their employees. Process servers require a comprehensive understanding of the laws (local, state, and federal) that may apply to the process of delivering legal documents.

It is also essential that they understand the difference between documents that can be delivered via mail and those that need to be hand-delivered. Not all investigation companies and private investigators offer process serving services. Those that do have been trained to go about the job legally, ethically, and, efficiently.

Whenever you need a process server, be sure that working with Upstate Private Investigators will get the job done in the right way.

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What’s Involved In The Process Server’s Job?

Legal documents to be delivered to organizations or individuals involved in a court proceeding (whether as a party or witness) are left for a Greenville process server. The types of documents that may require to be delivered through this method are many. Process servers handle divorce papers, judgment papers, and information requests (for instance, a person’s medical or employment history). Process servers may also engage in summoning those called upon to testify in court.

Delivering documents comes as the last step in the process server’s assignment. Initially, the process server needs to trace the one whom the documents are intended for. In some instances, individuals or companies may have moved, vacated, or even vanished. The party providing the documents, which is the serving party, needs to find an updated contact list; this is typically the process server’s job. The process server will locate the party being served and come up with an effective plan for the delivery of documents.

For documents that need to be hand-delivered, the process server may need to get familiar with the recipient’s schedule in detail to set aside time and a place where the delivery will happen. It requires significant training to equip a process server with the skills to trace recipients easily and efficiently. It is for this reason that a private investigator is always the best choice if you require satisfactory process serving services.

How Are Greenville Process Servers Trained?

The legal requirements to work as a Greenville process server vary between states. As a rule of thumb, it is desirable for a process server to be a certified private investigator. Getting a private investigator’s license and professional accreditation as well, requires at least, a 2-year degree in criminal justice. Classes for this degree are sufficient to equip the recipient with investigation skills, forensics, and the special juvenile justice needs.

Most career-centered private investigators better their criminal justice education by pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees field. Some private investigators commit to the commercial aspect of the investigative work, while others turn to government employment offices for criminal justice jobs. They may, therefore, work in law enforcement agencies at local, state, or federal levels.

A Greenville process server subpoenaing a woman at a desk.

A trained and skilled private investigator that handles process serving tasks easily. They have the required skills for tracing individuals. As such, they only need to get familiar with the local, state, and federal laws related to process serving.

For instance, some states don’t allow process serving from 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. some states also prohibit process serving in one’s employment place unless the recipient is okay with it.

Who Do Greenville Process Servers Work For?

Process servers can work for almost anyone. Practically speaking, though, lawyers hire for their services the most. They have confidence in process servers to get official court documents to the required recipients quickly and appropriately.

Some employers also use process servers to seek vital information such as medical and employment records whenever they are looking for employee candidates. One might also hire process servers whenever they are going through a court process without a lawyer (for instance, in divorce proceedings or small-claim cases).

Anyone looking to hire a Greenville process server has to make sure that the server is well trained, both legally and ethically, to take on the job. A process server who takes shortcuts and doesn’t pay attention to details may put their employer in legally-compromising situations. This is the reason why most people hire trained private investigators as the process servers.

When You Need A Greenville Process Server, Contact Upstate Private Investigators

In most situations, when you want some legal documents served – to a company, spouse, or even former business partner – it may be necessary to ensure that the Greenville process server is qualified, skilled, and fully capable. You require such documents to be served fast and properly.

You can learn more about the serving process options by reaching out to Upstate Private Investigators now.

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