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Private investigators play a vital role in aiding Greenville criminal defense investigations. Putting together a strong case that has a high probability of the accused getting acquitted is a process that demands a lot of support for the entire defense team. The process of establishing reasonable doubt is never easy. At Upstate Private Investigators, we are committed to helping defense lawyers gather the necessary evidence needed to establish reasonable doubt for their clients. Our investigators will even reach out to key witnesses gathering the relevant information required.

We have a team of aggressive and highly experienced private investigators in Greenville who are always on-call ready to assist where needed. They are trained and accomplished professionals that have worked on different state and federal criminal defense investigations. Our Greenville criminal defense investigations have handled dozens of cases across the state of South Carolina that touch on robbery, murder, embezzlement, CSC, and fraud.

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Why Should A Criminal Defense Lawyer Consider Hiring a Private Investigator?

As a lawyer, you might have the help of fellow attorneys and paralegals, aiding you to build a strong defense for your client. However, you should consider outsourcing some support if you want to create a watertight case that will give the prosecution a tough time to counter your arguments. The process of putting together a watertight case can be arduous and time-consuming. You might find that you do not have enough free time to search for and assess the credibility of every evidence or finding reliable witnesses that will testify in favor of your client.

We have private investigators that will commit their time and efforts to help you gather all the evidence you need. Their focus will not be on how the case is progressing, but they will be keen on gathering information that will be crucial in building a robust argument. Our Greenville criminal defense investigations will review all submissions the prosecution gives to find any inconsistencies and loopholes you can use. They also will scour the evidence to find anything that the prosecution might have missed or omitted.

  • Therefore, by engaging our services, you should expect the following:
  • Combing through all the available evidence and witness statements with a fine toothcomb
  • A full and comprehensive review of police reports
  • Analyzing all photographic evidence
  • Listening to and scrutinizing any recordings the prosecution submitted as evidence

Our Greenville criminal defense investigations can help you come up with alternative theories for the case. They can even visit the crime scene, if need be, to recreate the evidence that transpired to determine if something was overlooked. The process might require the investigators to question all potential witnesses again to ensure there are no discrepancies in their story or to determine if they gave false testimony.

How Can a Private Detective Help Greenville Criminal Defense Investigations?

Thanks to the in-depth understanding and vast experience of our private investigators, they shall be an invaluable addition to your legal defense team. Our primary objective is to understand that charges the prosecutions levels against your client to project possible outcomes and figure out the direction to take in our investigations.

A private detective hiding behind a car photographing a couple as part of his Greenville criminal defense investigations.

We recommend that you take full advantage of our expertise to bolster your defense strategy for your client’s case. Our Greenville criminal defense investigations have vast knowledge that is not limited to criminal cases. They have highly accomplished professionals that are proficient in other kinds of investigations, such as:

Our private investigators can also offer valuable insights on the case that your legal team can use to build a watertight argument. That is why we recommend working closely with our team of investigators, furnishing them with as many details regarding your client’s case as possible. The more information that comes your way, the better things are when trying to prove reasonable doubt in the case.

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Why Should You Hire Upstate Private Investigators?

We have a team of experienced and highly trained professionals with vast knowledge and expertise in the area of investigations. They can look into the claims made by the prosecutors and the police while also reviewing the testimonies of potential witnesses. Our Greenville criminal defense investigations will check for any inconsistencies brought forward by the prosecution’s side.

Their efforts will also be geared toward finding new details and evidence as well as any other witnesses that have a different story of what happened. We shall be fully committed to earthing the truth and helping you put together a winning strategy for your client’s case.

At Upstate Private Investigators, we have the best professionals in the business. They have years of experience and in-depth knowledge in many areas that concern the gathering of crucial pieces of evidence in different cases. They will make sure that the evidence gathered for your client’s case is done through an objectively impartial process to eliminate any risk of ethical violations in the investigations and collection of the information that you will present as evidence.

Get in touch with our private detective firm in Greenville today if you are keen on bolstering your defense strategy. Our Greenville criminal defense investigations will review the specifics of the criminal case and advise you on the best way forward.


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