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Always trust your gut. If your instincts are screaming that something isn’t adding up, then the odds are that it isn’t. Your intuition might be telling you that your spouse is not faithful, or your employees aren’t as loyal as they would lead you to believe.

Whichever the case, you will need to collect evidence of the misconduct – concrete proof that can support your case in court.

If you suspect criminality or any wrongdoing, you can count on our experienced and highly-skilled private investigators at Upstate Private Investigators to conduct Greenville surveillance for you and help you acquire the much-needed evidence that is admissible in the courtrooms.

Should you feel that taking the case to trial is the best move, the evidence that we collect is precisely what you need to win.

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What Does Surveillance Cover?

Surveillance is a broad term but typically refers to the close observation of an individual, area, or object. Surveillance entails keen observation of the subject to document their actions and where these actions take place.

What Are Some Scenarios When Surveillance Makes Sense?

There are many scenarios where surveillance can make sense for you; these include:

What Are The Most Common Kinds Of Surveillance?

Surveillance can be conducted in a number of ways. Below, we will discuss the common types of monitoring:

The upstate private investigators will conduct surveillance in Greenville during the investigation.

Electronic Surveillance

In many instances, as private investigators, we typically conduct electronic surveillance. This usually involves the utilization of electronic devices like radios, TVs, and wiretapping of phones to keep a record of the suspect’s activities.

When conducting an electronic investigation, we also keep track of the suspect’s social media profiles, mobile phone, and email.

Physical Surveillance

Physical surveillance is when our investigators follow and watch the subject of the investigation physically. Often, when conducting physical observation, we may decide to put multiple investigators on the case.

This way, the investigators can go on 24/7 stakeouts and even wear disguises during the operation.

Holding Interviews

Investigators might also hold interviews with individuals who are close to the case in an attempt to gather more information regarding the operation. During the interviews, investigators will typically talk to individuals with intimate knowledge of the issue.

Interviewees may include neighbors, colleagues, family, and friends.

A private investigator interviewing a neighbor of a person he's been hired to run surveillance on.

Technical Surveillance

This covers the use of digital recordings like video, photos, and audio. Some excellent examples of technical surveillance are miniature surveillance cameras used by private investigators and dash cams use by law enforcement.

What Are Some Of The Typical Surveillance Techniques Applied By Private Investigators?

When gathering information regarding the subject, private investigators will make use of different techniques depending on the type of surveillance, as discussed above. Some of these techniques include:

Covert Surveillance And Overt Surveillance

The perfect example of covert surveillance is when an investigator observes or follows the subject without the subject knowing.

Contrarily, an example of overt surveillance is the CCTV cameras that employers install in the workplace to deter people from stealing.

Stationary Surveillance And Mobile Surveillance

When conducting stationary surveillance, investigators will tend to remain in one area and simply watch the subject’s activities. For instance, investigators can keep an eye on the subject inside a parked car.

When carrying out mobile surveillance, the investigators will follow the subject’s movements physically. Investigators can do this on foot or in a car.

Mechanical Surveillance And Human Surveillance

Mechanical surveillance entails the use of equipment and devices such as cameras, camcorders, and other kinds of recording devices.

When private investigators are directly involved in sourcing information on a suspect, that can be referred to as human surveillance.

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Why Do Private Investigators Execute Surveillance?

There is a myriad of reasons why investigators conduct surveillance on an area, place, or individual. Some of these include:

  • To deter crime
  • To collect evidence on a crime that has already taken place
  • To gather evidence that could be useful in a civil case
  • To document the subject’s movements at particular or all times
  • To collect information for use in Greenville courts
  • To obtain information that could come in hand during interrogation

Given that there has been a reported increase in crime, employee theft, and cases of infidelity, the best way to keep yourself safe and secure is to make the best of surveillance.

Surveillance presents with an opportunity to gather the proof you need when you’re unsure about the situation. So, with monitoring, you can have peace of mind when your employees are handling your money, and even when your kids are home alone.

A private investigator discreetly taking pictures from his car as part of his Greenville Surveillance routine.

How Will My Surveillance Request Managed?

On reaching out to our highly trained and experienced private investigators at Upstate Private Investigators, we will schedule a sit down with you, talk about your needs, and get a clear picture of your expectations regarding our investigation.

This will allow us to come up with a solid plan covering every detail of the investigation from how deep we should take our surveillance as well as the best techniques to employ.

We will then perform a thorough background check on the individual, area, or palace you want to be surveilled. At this juncture, we will get to look at things like the subject’s name, aliases, photos, contact information, their family member who reside nearby, and their physical description.

We will then work on finding out their daily routine, their habits and mannerism, and the people they are close to or intimate with.

Our investigators will also conduct a reconnaissance of the area where surveillance will take place. They will do this by going through maps and photos of the area. Reconnaissance is a must since it helps us limit unpredictability and guarantee the success of the operation.

We will then assess all the information at our disposal to decide the best devices for the task. In some instances, we may have to turn to specialized surveillance equipment, but in other cases, simple tools such as a phone camera will do the trick.

Our private investigators will formulate a comprehensive plan of action that is customized for your unique case to ensure the success of the operation.

We will then commence the surveillance operation, making sure not to alert the subject.

During the duration of the operation, our investigators will keep a detailed record of everything that can help with the investigation, including dates & times, places visited, and so on.

This way, they can collect the most accurate information on the subject and also make sure that the information relayed to you is nothing short of 100% reliable.

Do You Have Questions About Greenville Surveillance? Call Upstate Private Investigators Today!

If the thought of surveilling a subject has crossed your mind, trust our licensed, professional, experienced, and insured private investigators to utilize the best tools and techniques to get the operation done right the first time.

Our Greenville private investigators are not only well versed with the law, but they are also adept at Greenville surveillance.

Besides, we work closely with law enforcement so you can count on the information we gather to be legal. On choosing us, we will guarantee that the evidence we collect is admissible in a court of law.

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