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When it comes to Greenville employment background checks, context is one of the most important elements. Take the example of a merger involving two international companies.

Employment Background checks will play a critical role and investigators should be given ample time, which can sometimes be weeks. In a scenario such as vetting new tenants, the scope of the background checks involved will be considerably narrower than that required for the company merger.

At our company, we have a team of professionals that specialize in investigating individuals, organizations, or companies, of any size and diversity. We are who you should call, whether you require background checks on your employees or due diligence investigations.

Our Greenville private detectives dedicate their expertise and time in the delivery of investigations customized to your suit your needs.

You can trust our team to help vet potential business partners, undertake employment screening checks, financial background checks, or even investigations undertaken as part of litigation.

We encourage you to get in touch with us today to find out how we can help. Our investigators will take you through the various options available t you, and help you come up with a suitable background check strategy.

Considering the nature of services that we provide; we ensure that all that we discuss during the call is strictly confidential.

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What Are Background Checks?

Employment background checks refer to the processes geared at looking into the history of a company, organization, or individual to either validate or disprove their character, reputation, and identity.

They include searching and reviewing of criminal records, civil records, employment history, education history, references, and all other relevant details depending on the entity being investigated or the situation.

Why Are Background Checks Conducted?

Here are some of the instances when you may consider conducting a employment background check:

  • Hiring a new employee
  • Making an investment
  • Taking on a new tenant
  • Choosing a public official such as police chief or fire chief
  • Hiring a caregiver

It is important to note that background checks should always be customized to your concerns, reasons, and need to know more about someone. Investigations ensure that you are making the right decision, whether it is hiring a new employee, making a new investment, or simply hiring a new nanny.

What are Common Lies Employment Background Checks Catch?

People may choose to leave out certain details regarding who they are, their profession, identity, or even character. Some of the information they might either choose to withhold or falsify may include the following:

  • Professional background and work history
  • Education history and certifications
  • Prior legal issues or grievances
  • Professional licenses and organization membership

A private investigator running a working on Greenville employment background checks on a computer.

How Are Background Checks Conducted?

Some background investigations can be conducted via the Internet, but most of the information will be either incomplete or inaccurate. A comprehensive investigation must always involve thorough scrutiny of all information on record to verify its validity.

That’s why it is important to hire an experienced private investigator to handle the matter and provide you with detailed, accurate information regarding the individual, organization, or company that you would like investigated.

What Pitfalls Are Associated with Internet Background Checks?

  • You might fail to find all the relevant records online
  • The validity of records has to be verified, which might not avail much
  • The information might be either incomplete or inaccurate
  • The process might not adequately cover checking references, degrees, and employers or employees

Why Is It Important to Work with an Experienced Investigator?

If you hire a reputable private investigator who values and understands the importance of confidentiality when handling things for you, you can be sure about getting credible and accurate information.

The background check investigator can even provide additional insight into the character of the entity that you are investigating.

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What Information Do You Need?

It is important to gather as much information as you can if you want a quick and thorough background investigation done. Here are some of the essential details that will be required:

  • Full name of the entity under investigation
  • Date and location of birth
  • Previous employment
  • Social Security Number
  • Education history i.e. Schools attended and certifications obtained

While having all the details above goes a long way, an experienced investigator can research a company or individual with very little information to go with for the investigators.

Complete Vs. Criminal Background Checks

A criminal background check is conducted to determine whether an individual has a criminal record that he/she doesn’t want to be known.

Conversely, a complete background check looks into all the available public records associated with the entity under investigation; it may include education history, employment history, driving records, among other details.

It is worth noting that information linked to a crime that’s committed may vary, and some of it might actually never go on record. For example, a DUI may show up in a driving record in some states but not appear in a criminal record.

Why Are Background Checks Vital for Recruitment?

The role played by employment background checks in the recruitment process is highly valued by the corporate sector. The recruitment team is required to make effective decisions when it comes to hiring new employees to ensure the betterment of the organization.

The cursory evaluation process is almost always not sufficient for determining whether or not a person qualifies for the job. With time, it may lead to serious issues later on since the person hired wasn’t right for the job.

Such professionals may jeopardize the prospects and operations of the business. The company might even find itself facing potential legal issues such as negligent hiring lawsuits.

An employment background check conducted by either a dedicated investigator or licensed private investigations organization such as ours will be critical to making important decisions regarding employment.

It considers factors such as the candidates, their educational background, employment history, credit history, criminal background, professional character, as well as other aspects of their professional and private personality.

The investigators will also assess the validity of any information unearthed before passing it over to you.

Considering the chances of facing hiring discrimination allegations as well as their legal consequences, some organizations and companies are often cautious about incorporating such measures in the recruitment process.

The benefits of background checks, however, often outweigh the risk. In addition, if all the right procedures are followed, the company or organization will be highly unlikely to face any legalities.

Here are some of the reasons why organizations and businesses have employment background checks as part of the recruitment process:

To Determine Whether or Not an Applicant Is Qualified for the Position

Employers will be in a better position to determine whether a candidate is overstating his/her credentials and thus not the right fit for the position. Hiring the wrong person for the job can cost the company or organization a lot.

It is also a waste of the company’s or organizations’ money, time, and other resources. It also means that a position is still vacant and has to be filled, which translates to repeating the recruitment process for the same position.

To Protect the Assets and Reputation of a Business

All employees are a potential risk factor when it comes to the reputation of a company. Higher-level staff that have more exposure to the public pose the greatest risk. That’s why employment background checks are so important when hiring such employees.

Investigations can help safeguard the business against reputation damage linked to negative behavioral patterns as well as character defects of the newly recruited staff members.

A private investigator in their car on the phone with a client while holding a camera.

In case the job position is lined to confidential and important company information, financial documents, physical assets, and proprietary data, then background investigations should be undertaken beforehand to protect the business from all kinds of risks including corporate espionage.

To Protect Against Negligent Hiring Claims

Two women that filed a negligent hiring case against Uber claimed that they were sexually assaulted by drivers of the company. In their lawsuit, the women stated that the company didn’t do a thorough screening of the drivers, which resulted in professionally indecent individuals.

Such lawsuits can not only be costly but also potentially damaging to the reputation of the company. That’s why proper employment background checks are essential in any recruitment process.

It can protect the credibility of the business as a leading provider of a certain product/service and protects it from the adverse impacts associated with negligent hiring claims.

To Ensure the Safety of the Other Employees

An applicant may have all the required qualifications and might appear to be the best fit for the job during the interview. Still, that’s not a guarantee that the person will live up to expectations.

Recruiters should investigate candidates thoroughly before hiring them since this can help uncover issues such as anger management problems, hidden criminal records, or any other possible red flags in their professional and personal history.

To Mitigate Employee Theft

According to statistics, about 75 percent of workers have stolen company assets or property at least once in their professional life. In addition, 33 percent of business bankruptcies can be attributed to employee theft.

Such figures are worrying, and the effects that such effects may have on a business are devastating. Considering this, companies should invest in employment background checks to ensure that such issues never happen.

Contact Upstate Private Investigators for Background Checks Today!

A business may hire an unethical person who has malicious intent and will do things at the expense of the rest of the employees. Background investigations not only help protect the company but also employees from the malicious intentions of the freshly hired individuals.

At Upstate Private Investigators, we undertake all investigations respectfully and lawfully. We know that employment background checks can be the most daunting part of the recruitment process.

We can, however, guarantee that this is a measure taken to safeguard the interest of your business. It can help set the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship between employees and their employers.

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