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At some point, every employer experiences employee theft at the workplace. A lack of know-how and the complex nature of such cases mean that most employers leave these occurrences not investigated.

With a growing number of organizations struggling to cover the cost of such occurrences, as a result of today’s challenging economic conditions, there is an ever-increasing need for workplace investigations.

The misuse of employer resources without direct permission is considered to be the main definition of employee theft. Dissatisfied employees stealing from their employers and fraudulent workers’ compensation claims are great examples of the different types of employee theft at work.

You need to note that it is easy to find a buyer for any product that is manufactured. The likelihood of having any products that you sell stolen by employees is quite high.

To demonstrate to all workers that you as an employer will not put up with such cases, it is important to ensure that any theft is investigated and resolved as early as possible.

As a knowledgeable and experienced service provider, Upstate Private Investigators are an unbiased party when it comes to conducting such investigations.

To put together a corrective action plan meant to resolve such issues, our team will partner with management, conduct fact-finding interviews, and carry out security analysis.

Monitoring, undercover operations and installation of covert cameras at work are some of the many services you can expect. Our team can also liaise with law enforcement officers to facilitate the arrest of any employees found to be culpable if this is what you want.

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Investigating Insurance Fraud

The intention to deceive by misinterpreting things is the main definition of fraud. From causing the loss of money and jobs to serious injuries, fraud is in today’s world a huge problem that is very costly.

In addition to identifying any fraudulent conduct, fraud investigations also help uncover relevant supporting evidence. Any employees making false claims in order to receive insurance funds will be identified by this type of investigation.

These investigations can also uncover genuine claims that the insurance company has failed to cover.

To help us identify important facts of the investigation, our team is going to meet the client and get as much information as possible.

To help solve the case in hand, business investigations, monitoring, asset searches, background checks, employee investigations, and many other methods may be included in the investigation process.

There are different ways in which fraud cases can be complicated. To hide any evidence of wrongdoing and escape prosecution, many guilty parties are going to do everything in their power.

Investigators must demonstrate the intentional nature of the fraud if the case is to follow the legal approach. In addition to conducting the investigation, Upstate Private Investigators will also furnish you with the proof you require, based on our knowledge and experience.

Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Claims

In order to receive workers’ compensation benefits, it is sad to note that some employees usually makeup injuries or exaggerate those that they may have.

Employees are entitled to compensation after making claims; this is a well-known fact regardless of whether you are a Human Resources expert, business manager or insurance agent.

A workers’ compensation investigation conducted by an expert can help you identify any cases of fraud and provide evidence especially considering how difficult and sensitive such matters are.

Undercover Services

By acting as a company appointed security manager, we conduct undercover operations. Our team will come up with a prevention plan that is both proactive and affordable.

You will only need to pay a fraction of the cost to have an asset protection expert whose sole focus in on protecting company assets and workers. This becomes a reality with us.

Our Stop-Loss Approach is made up of 3 main steps:

Conducting A Loss Prevention Audit

Carrying out a loss prevention audit is the first step. From human resources, accounts payable and receivable to facility security and shipping and receiving, this audit is meant to identify any weaknesses in the different departments within your organization.

The evaluation of existing security controls including destruction of documents, card access systems, monitoring systems, various security policies, and procedures and trade secret protection procedures is also covered addressed here.

We will then work on creating procedures meant to address the needs of the organization based on the weaknesses we discover.

Setting Up Toll-Free Numbers

To make it easier for employees to report cases of employee theft and fraudulent workers’ compensation claims among other security violations, we will set up toll free phone lines.

To pick the incoming calls and brief you on the information received, there will be a professional on the other end of the call. To inform employees about the program, posters will also be provided.

By creating a security-conscious environment, this program, when initiated will work as a great deterrent to unwanted behavior.

Asset Protection

To enjoy the protection of a complete security program you won’t need to pay extra as we will act as your asset protection manager as well. We will be in a position to provide great guidance meant to enhance the security of your organization once we have a perfect understanding of your organization and product offering.

Monitoring Services

The close observation of an object or person can be referred to as monitoring. All of the subject’s contacts, interactions and movements are followed and documented, when monitoring.

In cases involving cheating spouses, employee theft, the safety of children, fraudulent workers’ comp claims, stalking vandalism and missing persons among others, monitoring is the best approach.

A variety of techniques, such as the latest video, audio, and GPS tracking technologies are used by our team of investigation experts who are also licensed and insured to conduct monitoring and collect evidence.

To make sure that we abide by the law, we will be working with a lawyer closely. As such, any unlawful activities identified and evidence uncovered can be taken to a court of law, and our investigating pros can appear in court as expert witnesses providing legal testimony.

Security Consulting Services

To make it possible for our clients to achieve the highest possible level of security at the workplace, we offer a selection of vulnerability, risk and threat assessment services, project management services and operational consulting services.

The problem with most companies is that they usually wait until it is too late before calling in an expert, especially considering the fact that the implementation of basic security protocols can help prevent most security issues.

Upstate Private Investigators offer the following Security Consulting Services:

  • Private Client Protection Services
  • Vulnerability, Risk And Threat Assessment Services
  • Services Involving Personal Protection
  • Designing Security Systems
  • Crisis Management Planning Services

These security problems are usually only discovered, by many people, when it is too late. Before making a recommendation of the actions you should take to resolve all these issues, we start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your company and uncovering all the weaknesses.

We offer guidance on how you should go about the tracing and identification of any issues you might be facing if any. Furthermore, to help prevent other problems in the years to come, we set up the necessary controls and policies.

When it comes to handling your case, Upstate Private Investigators offer an immense amount of knowledge and experience. You can also rely on our discretion and confidentiality when dealing with the issues you face.

To be able to handle the effects of the above-discussed security issues on your company’s assets, reputation and business as a whole you need to respond to such occurrences in a swift and decisive manner.

Available 24/7, we are always on hand to offer the assistance you require. In addition to helping you resolve any issues that crop up, we are going to conduct risk evaluations and create personal and business crisis aversion plans. To prevent future issues, we also offer a post-incident assessment report to our clients.

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