Anderson GPS Investigations and Vehicle Tracking

Upstate Private Investigators can provide clients with assistance when using GPS technology, and this includes Anderson GPS investigations and vehicle tracking, which will help in identifying a critical pattern of information on a given subject. You will be able to know where a subject is and the time they were there.

These types of investigations are very sensitive, and this is why we always make sure we are fully adhering to laws and regulations on such technology.

We have incorporated this specialized capability across Upstate South Carolina. We have an experienced ready to help you with your investigation.

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What limitations come with using GPS Vehicle Tracking?

There are a lot of limits when it comes to using GPS Locators and GPS Vehicle Trackers. The South Carolina State Law has made this very clear. Our investigators are trained professionals, who have experience and will make sure that they have not broken any laws when dealing with cases involving advanced equipment.

Continue reading further if you are interested in learning more about the potential uses of satellite tracking, and if it will be the best option when dealing with your case.

If this is not going to help with your case, we are going to recommend other methods that can be used to achieve the goals you are after.

When people who are not familiar with this work try to do it, they don’t have a good understanding of the impact of using the technology, and how it can sometimes have a negative influence on the case. This can be because certain pieces of evidence are considered inadmissible for criminal or civil proceedings.

Our priority will be ensuring that your safety and security are taken care of and we are going to provide you with complete and up-to-date advice.

We pride ourselves on operating with honesty, and integrity, and clients we have worked with were very happy with the expertise we were bringing to the table.

GPS investigations and vehicle tracking

Vehicle Tracking is Cost-Effective

Clients who are qualified to use the service will be happy to know that it can help in decreasing the costs of the initial portion of the investigation. If this technology is not used, then at least one investigator is going to be retained so they can do in-person surveillance on a given subject for a longer period of time.

When this method is used, it doesn’t mean that the need for direct observation is eliminated. When GPS is used, it is going to provide accurate and high-quality information on where the subject is and their pattern of life, but it does not let us know what it is they are doing.

After gathering as much information as possible, we are going to use the data we got from the Tracker to come up with a human surveillance plan that will help in confirming the results of the tracking while ascertaining the true nature of the activities of the subject.

The process is going to make sure you get accurate information in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Are GPS Trackers Reliable?

There are many questions we get on these Trackers and their reliability. We would like to provide more information on this issue.

The units we recommend are usually very reliable and it is very rare for them to have issues, but it is important to keep in mind that electronic equipment is sensitive pieces, and even though they rarely fail, there are some reasons that can cause them to fail.

The equipment needs to be protected from temperature and other elements so that they don’t malfunction.

With this said, the equipment has been used thousands of hours and has thousands of miles on the road.

The GPS devices that we are using are usually stored in custom cases and there are custom set-ups that make sure their battery life has been extended, and this means they last longer compared to the other devices being sold out there on sites like Amazon.

The device work on cellular networks and they are going to communicate the GPS data to our advanced software. With the help of this software, we are going to get a detailed report on the movement and activity of the vehicle.

Anderson GPS Investigations Infographic

Contact Upstate Private Investigators to Learn more about Vehicle Tracking

If you go online, you will notice a lot of information concerning GPS equipment and private investigative cases. Some Private Detectives usually use the technology in all of their cases without caring about the type of case or jurisdiction.

Some see the use of the devices as very suspect, and will not consider them no matter the case.

Just like in most cases, the actual truth tends to be hard to pin down, and things are not black and white. It is permitted to use this in specialty investigations, but it is going to depend on the specific nature of the case, the intent, and the jurisdiction of where the work is going to be conducted.

Your case can employ the use of many tools available, and this is something a quality private investigator is going to tell you. If just one tool is used, then the case will end up failing. We are going to help in navigating the viability of using the equipment.

If you are not sure about moving to the next step, it is ok. We advise that you give us a call and we are going to give you Free Consultation to talk with a Licensed Professional Investigator.

Our team is approachable and very friendly, don’t feel intimidated. Contact one of our private investigators in Anderson today!

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