Anderson Criminal Defense Investigations

When it comes to criminal defense investigations, private investigators play a crucial role for the entire duration of the investigations. When trying to put together a strong case that can lead to the acquittal of accused clients, the entire defense team needs a lot of support.

This is because establishing reasonable doubt is not an easy task. At Upstate Private Investigators, we specialize in helping defense attorneys and the entire defense team to build Anderson criminal defense investigations.

We do this by gathering the evidence and witnesses necessary to establish reasonable doubt for their clients.

We always have an on-call team of highly trained, aggressive and experienced private investigators to aid in this endeavor. Our team has honed their skills by working on numerous federal and state investigations.

Across the state of South Carolina, our investigators have handled uncontactable cases that touch on embezzlement, fraud, robbery, CSC and even murder.

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As a Criminal Defense Lawyer, Why Should I Hire a Private Investigator?

Though as an attorney you may have the help of a team of other attorneys, paralegals and other staff aiding you in building a formidable defense for your client, you may find it necessary to engage outside help if you are extremely keen on building a watertight case against the claims being made by the prosecution.

Preparing a strong case can be an arduous and time-consuming task meaning that you will not have the free time to scour for evidence or find witnesses who can back up your client.

Unlike you, our private investigators have a lot of time on their hands. This is because we do not focus on how the case is developing but instead put all our efforts in gathering information that will help you build a robust case.

Our work usually includes reviewing all submissions made by the prosecution, finding loopholes and inconsistencies and also scouring for evidence that may have been omitted or missed. On engaging us to help with your Anderson criminal defense investigation, we will:

  • Carefully review police reports
  • Go through all the available evidence with a fine-tooth comb
  • Review all photographic evidence
  • Listen to any recordings submitted by the prosecution as evidence
  • Carefully read and review the statements made by witnesses

Additionally, we also help your legal team to come up with alternative theories. Should it be necessary, our investigators can even visit the crime scene and re-create the actual crime with a view of seeing if there is any evidence that may have been overlooked.

At times, we may also question witnesses again to see if they have changed their story or if they gave false testimony for whatever reason.

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How Can a Private Investigator Help a Criminal Defense Case?

Our private investigators will be an invaluable addition to your legal defense team because of our in-depth understanding of the law. We will understand the charges being brought up by the prosecution against your client and will use this knowledge to gain a better understanding of the investigation that we are conducting.

A PI taking photographs from his car, gather evidence for Anderson criminal defense investigations.

As a successful defense attorney, you should know when to leverage our expertise to bolster your case. The private investigators in our firm have a wide knowledge base that is not limited to Anderson criminal defense investigations.

Our team of investigators also happens to be adept and highly proficient in other types of investigations and cases such as:

Aside from helping in gathering evidence to bolster your case, developing and/or confirming theories, our investigators can also offer valuable insight to your defense team on matters pertaining to the case on which you may be less knowledgeable.

Remember that more information and knowledge cannot hurt when you are preparing to prove reasonable doubt in your client’s¬†Criminal Defense Investigations

Why Hire Upstate PI for Your Anderson Criminal Defense Investigations?

For starters, our team has extensive knowledge and expertise that we can use to confirm the claims made by the police and prosecutors. We will also use this knowledge and expertise to check if there are any inconsistencies in the case that has been brought forward by your client.

Our private investigators in Anderson also have a lot of experience and proficiency at digging up new information, searching for evidence and finding witnesses. We will move heaven and earth to provide all you need to make a strong case for your client.

Our firm is staffed by highly trained and certified investigators as well as a wide range of experts who have intimate knowledge of many areas pertaining to the gathering of evidence in criminal cases.

By engaging us, you will be ensuring that evidence for your client is collected objectively and impartially. This means that you can create a strong defense knowing that there were no ethical violations in the collection and preservation of evidence.

If you are looking to bolster your defense strategy and the entire case, simply give us a call so that we can discuss your specific criminal case and decide the best way forward. Our experienced team of private investigators will work relentlessly on your Criminal Defense Investigation.

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