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Every employer is going to experience employee theft at one point or another. Many companies usually don’t go ahead and investigate such cases because they can be complex and they don’t know how to do it.

Workplace investigations have started to be more important in the current economic climate because most of the businesses are not able to sustain the costs of these losses. Especially Fraud/Theft/Undercover Operations.

Employee theft can be defined as stealing or misusing the assets of the employer without permission. Many levels of theft take place in the workplace every day, and these range from worker’s compensation fraud to stealing by a disgruntled employee.

One thing you need to keep in mind is if something can be manufactured, then it is going to find a buyer. If you can sell it, it can get stolen.

It is important to address these cases of theft in the shortest time possible because the matter will be resolved fast and the other employees will know that the employer doesn’t tolerate or ignore such kind of behavior.

Skilled Upstate Private Investigators have a lot of experience and knowledge doing these types of investigation, and they will become an unbiased third-party.

Our team is going to do a security analysis to know more about the situation, interviews to ascertain the facts, and working with the management to come up with a plan of corrective action to help in dealing with this situation.

Some of the services you can expect include covert cameras in the workplace, undercover operations, and surveillance, but not limited to these. If the employer wants the employee stealing to be arrested, our team is going to work with law enforcement to achieve this.

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What is Insurance Fraud Investigation?

Fraud can be defined as misrepresenting things with the intention to deceive. Fraud has become a very real and costly problem in today’s world, and it can end up causing the loss of jobs, money, serious injuries, or even loss of life. The fraud investigation is going to determine if there has been fraud taking place and give the evidence that supports it. This type of investigation will try and uncover the people trying to get insurance money by making false claims. This can also mean the insurance company has failed to pay for a legitimate claim.

Our team of investigators is going to meet the client and get as much information as possible because it helps us in identifying key factors for our investigations. The investigation can involve asset searches, surveillance, employee investigations, business investigations, background checks, and other methods when solving that case.

A private investigator doing surveillance.

Fraud cases can be complicated in several ways. The first is that many criminals are going to go to great lengths when it comes to covering tracks and escaping prosecution. If the case has to follow the legal route, the investigator must prove that the fraud was intended. With our experience, Upstate Private Investigators will be able to do the fraud investigation and provide you with the evidence needed.

What is Workers’ Compensation Fraud?

One unfortunate thing is that there are workers who exaggerate their injuries or claim injuries that they don’t have so they can get workers’ compensation benefits. As an insurance agent, business manager, or HR professional, you already know that workers are entitled to compensation when they file claims. People who abuse the system know that the issue is sensitive and hard to determined, but with a professional workers’ compensation investigation, we can help in finding out and documenting the truth.

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What Undercover Operations Are Conducted?

We do undercover operations, and we are going to act as a security manager contracted by the company. We are going to implement a cost-effective and proactive prevention program. Imagine an asset protection manager who is focused on the protection of the company’s employees and assets, and you only have to pay a fraction of the cost. We make that possible.

There are three steps involved in our Stop-Loss Program:

Step 1: We are going to start with a loss prevention audit. This audit is going to determine the vulnerabilities across the different departments of your company – accounts payable and receivable, human resources, shipping and receiving, and facility security. We also evaluate the current security devices like card access systems, surveillance systems, document destruction, protection of trade secrets, and the evaluation of security procedures and policies in place. Once we have determined the vulnerabilities of the company, we are going to come up with procedures and policies addressing those security needs.

Step 2: We are going to set up toll-free phone numbers that can be used by employees in reporting security violations, like worker’s compensation fraud, employee theft, etc. There will be a professional investigator on the other end of the line answering the calls and reporting to the client about the tips that have been provided. There will also be posters provided so that the employees can get educated about the program. When this program has been established, it is going to be a deterrent because it is going to create a security-conscious environment.

Step 3:  Upstate Private Investigators will become the asset protection manager, which means you don’t have to pay a lot from a complete security program. When we have a good understanding of clients and their products, we will be able to provide sound security advice that will help the company improve its level of protection.

A private investigator on an undercover operation.


Surveillance is observing a person, object, or place closely. When surveilling all interactions, contacts, and whereabout of the subjects are going to be observed and documented. Surveillance will be the best way of knowing more about cases involving stalking, child safety, cheating spouse, workers’ compensation cases, missing persons, vandalism, employee theft, etc.

With our team of licensed and insured professional investigators, we are going to provide surveillance and gather evidence by employing different techniques, some of them include video and GPS tracking equipment and the latest technology in audio. We are going to be closely working with an attorney and stay up to date with laws. This way, the illegal activities that we find during the investigation can be used as evidence in a court, and our investigators are going to appear as expert witnesses.

Anderson Fraud Theft Undercover Operations Infographic

Security Consulting for Fraud/Theft/Undercover Operations

We provide a variety of threats, risk, and vulnerability assessments, operational consulting services, and project management to help the client achieve maximum levels of security. Many of the security issues can be easily prevented through the implementation of basic security procedures, but where most businesses go wrong is failing to consult a professional until there is a problem.

Some of the Security Consulting Services offered by Upstate Private Investigators Include;

  • Threat Risk and Vulnerability
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Private Client Protection
  • Personal Protection Services
  • Security Systems Design

Many people will not realize these security issues until they become vulnerable. We are going to do an assessment of your business and identify the vulnerabilities, then recommend actions that need to be taken. If you are having issues, we are going to advise you on what you need to do when locating and dealing with the problem. We are also going to implement proper policies and procedures to prevent future issues.

Upstate Private Investigators in the city of Anderson will bring a lot of experience and knowledge when dealing with your case. We also have a high level of confidentiality and discretion. If something unexpected occurs, you need to act fast, effectively, and decisively so you can be able to deal with these events and the impact it is going to have on the business, reputation, and assets. We are available 24/7/365 ready to help you out. We are going to do vulnerability assessment, come up with crisis business and personal prevention plans, and respond to the issues coming up. We also provide our clients with a post-incident assessment that helps in preventing future incidents.

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