Anderson Pre-Marital Background Investigations

About half of the marriages in America today typically end in divorce. Sadly, a majority of them fail because one of the spouses did not know something about their partner’s past that could have been exposed before they got into marriage.

Anderson Pre-marital background investigations are an excellent way of finding out if the person you are thinking of settling with has been forthcoming and honest with you about their past, and if there are things they’re trying to keep a secret.

If you are looking to know something about the history of your soon-to-be spouse, Upstate Private Investigators can match you with an experienced private investigator that specializes in such types of background checks.

These background checks can be quite handy as they provide you with the information and knowledge you need to feel secure about the decision you are about to make.

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What are pre-marital background checks?

Pre-Marital Background Investigations also referred to as prenuptial investigations, prenuptial background checks, or premarital investigations, typically involve finding and reviewing the professional, financial, and personal information of the subject being investigated.

The breadth and depth of these checks vary depending on the concerns of the client, local and state information disclosure laws, and what’s discovered about the person being investigated.

Who Can Initiate the Background Check?

Prospective spouses often seek premarital Background checks. Other people, including close friends, or relatives, can also initiate a Pre-Marital Background Investigation is they deem it necessary.

In some instances, these checks can be started by people, like business partners, who have financial interests that might be affected by the union.

Initiating Premarital Background Checks

Initiating a Pre-Marital Background Investigation with Upstate Private Investigators in Anderson is fast, convenient, and easy. Y

ou can complete a prenuptial background check in four easy steps, allowing you to get the results/information you need to make a better-informed decision in no time at all.

Pre-Marital Background Investigations include a background check

Request a Consultation

To initiate a Pre-Marital Background Investigation with us, the first thing you need to do is submit your case by phone or online and schedule a consultation.

We will then ask you to provide some details about what you want investigated so we can match your case with an investigator.

This information also allows us to calculate how much we will charge you for the services we will offer you.

Consultation with a Private Investigator

Once you’ve reached out to us, we will have one of our licensed private investigators call you to talk about the goals and purpose of the investigation and gather relevant information about the case.

During the call, be ready to provide as much personal information of the individual as possible.

You might be asked some of the following questions:

  • How are you related to the person being investigated?
  • How long have you been acquainted with the subject?
  • Do you live together?
  • Do you have reasons to believe that there are things about the subject’s life they are hiding from you?
  • Do you think the individual has debts or owns assets that they don’t want you to know about?
  • Do you think that the individual is currently married or was married before, but they have kept it from you?

The Pre-Marital Background Investigation

Once you give the green light for the Pre-Marital Background Investigation to start, our investigator will start things off by performing a premarital check.

Premarital Background checks typically include:

  • ID verification: includes AKAs and aliases
  • Criminal Records: Checking to see if the subject has ever been convicted of or charged with a crime or has a history of being involved in illegal activities. This may include a Sex Offender Database Search, a Warrants and Wants Search, an incarceration or inmate records search, etc.
  • Divorce/Marriage Records: This allows you to know if the subject was ever married. Records may reveal if the subject as a domestic criminal charges’ history or related civil settlements.
  • Liability, Property, and Asset Records: To provide accurate profiles of the individual’s financial state, as well as locating any judgments, money garnishments, or liens that could impact the union.
  • Court Records: Determining whether the person under investigation has been involved in any civil suits, and If they have, the nature and outcomes of these lawsuits. Searches include civil and criminal court records on local, state, and federal levels.
  • Business-Related Records: These may include corporate history connections, DBA records, and more.
  • Additional Records: Professional complaints, reference checks, Social Security Number traces, Driving records, etc.

Pre-Marital Background Investigation Updates and the Final Report

The investigator assigned to you will keep you posted on everything they find throughout their investigation. Once they conclude the background check, you will be provided with a final report that summarizes all of the information they collected.

Once initiated, a typical prenuptial background check will take no more than 24-hours to complete.

Pre-Marital Background Investigation

What Investigators Won’t Do

Upstate Private Investigators and the PIs in its network are bound to the law and adhere to the ethical standards that govern the profession.

It is, therefore, worth noting that private investigators won’t access documentation like bank account or phone records protected by state or federal law.

However, they will pursue all available public and legally-obtainable records relevant to the individual being investigated.

For more info on Pre-Marital Background Investigations, contact Upstate Private Investigators now and schedule a consultation.

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