How Anderson Private Investigators Help in Child Custody Cases

Child custody is the most contentious part of any divorce or an ongoing source of clashes between ex-spouses. If you believe that your ex should not receive or continue to have the privileges granted under a child custody decree, an Anderson private investigator may be able to help you.

PIs are experienced in exposing situations and habits that make someone unfit to be charged with the care and physical custody of a child. Using strictly legal methods, an investigator can expose:

1. Parental Unfitness

Through constant surveillance in all public places and situations, a private investigator can build a consistent case showing that someone is an unfit parent. This may include instances of:

  • Child neglect
  • Physical, verbal or emotional abuse
  • Inability to maintain a safe and stable environment for the child

A simple example in this sense is documenting a constant habit of not placing the child in the special seat while transporting them by car or forgetting to secure the seat properly.

2. Drug and Alcohol Abuse

You may suspect that your ex is abusing alcohol and drugs – sometimes in the presence of your child – but you have to prove it to the court. And PIs know that addicts are very smart and cunning in hiding their habit.

What you should never do is install surveillance cameras when you gain access to your ex’s home. This is illegal and could get you in trouble for doing it. Instead, consult with an Anderson private investigator and explain your suspicions.

A PI knows how to document alcohol and drug use in a manner that produces evidence admissible in child custody court.

3. Instances of Cohabitation

Cohabitation per se is not a reason to deny child custody or change the existing arrangements. However, there are situations when you have questions about the character of your ex’s new partner and the changed living conditions for your child.

a private investigator can help you win custody of your kids

Always trust your instincts and hire an experienced Anderson PI to perform background checks on your ex’s partner. In parallel, the private investigator will conduct surveillance to make sure that your child is safe.

4. Violations of the Custody Agreement

Custody agreements have specific clauses related to visitation rights, taking the child out of the state or out of the country and other relevant aspects. The most common violation refers to:

  • Failure communicate in a timely manner
  • Changing visitation days and hours
  • Attempting to relocate with the child at a distance

In such situations, a PI can document these violations. You must remember that courts will not simply take your word and change the custody agreement. You have to prove that your ex-spouse is consistently breaking the rules initially set by the court.

A PI Can Locate Children Abducted by One Parent during a Child Custody Case

Last, but not least, there are situations when one parent absconds with the children before the child custody court makes a decision. In this unfortunate situation, your best ally is a private investigator.

A PI knows how to track your ex and communicate the location to law enforcement officers. You have to understand that the investigator has no legal authority to enter a private residence and take the children to bring them to you.

By following the law to the letter, you protect your rights to receive custody of your children.

Schedule a Free Case Evaluation with a Licensed Anderson Private Investigator

During a child custody case or in its aftermath, you want the best for your children. And you know that your ex spouse would not provide the best and safest living environment for them. An Anderson private investigator can help you persuade the court with credible evidence.

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