Should You Explore Child Custody Private Investigation?

Whether you’re trying to determine if the co-parent is following the custody order, or if you’re pushing for a change, consider an investigator. When you’re following someone or trying to dig through their online presence, it’s demanding on your time and might not come with substantial results. Professionals take a different approach.

Child custody battles get dirty, heated, and can lead adults to act out viciously or even through the children involved. The many options available, however, include child custody private investigation. What happens at that point is that you can allow Greenville private detectives to investigate the other adult and the child’s living situation for any variety of purposes.

What Factors Can Influence Child Custody

Nearly everything from who your child spends time with to what they’re fed at night can impact a child’s custody case. While some cases are clearly not in favor of one parent because of drug abuse, or physical abuse, they don’t always turn out how you would expect. If you talked to most people on the street and asked if a drug-abusing parent should have full custody, the answer would usually be “no.” However, it happens every day. Children are put into the care of one parent over another in situations that seem extremely unfitting for a kid.

Factors that can impact final custody decisions can include:

  • Safety of the child’s environment
  • Ability to get the child to school consistently
  • Upholding consistency and normalcy in the child’s life
  • Caring for the child mentally and physically

There are other elements that the state of South Carolina as well. South Carolina has different levels of custody, including sole custody, joint custody, legal custody, and more. It is possible for one parent to have sole physical custody, but the parents still share legal custody.

Typically during the initial court resolution of custody, the parents or judge will create a parenting plan. That plan will address the needs of the child’s medical care, education, religious involvement, and even what time they can spend with other family members.

You Just Know the Other Parent Is Up To Something – But Can’t Prove It

Many parents will have that gut feeling, but those suspicions that something is wrong might be incorrect. Investigators don’t set out to prove what you already believe. Instead private investigators seek to expose only the truth. If you feel that your spouse is bringing around a new love interest and that they’re neglecting or abusing the children, that could be current, or incorrect.

An investigation in that situation would include surveillance and observation until the investigator was satisfied with their findings. They could find that your former spouse doesn’t have other adults over, that the children aren’t around other people. That’s some peace of mind! Or, they could find the opposite and provide you with the evidence necessary so you can take action on the custody agreement.

Evidence of Abuse and Neglect

There is a grey area between private investigators and all others involved in observing children. Private investigators are not inherently mandated reports. Teachers, doctors, emergency room attendants, and more are all required to report any signs or suspicions of child abuse. The clear divide is that they are not investigators and should not explore the actions or activities that might happen behind closed doors.

Private investigators are investigators, and they do review and research what happened and to what degree. But, many investigators have a long history in law enforcement and would report abuse or neglect in that living environment. However, they often can accomplish much more than a teacher who suspects abuse because they can collect evidence through images and witness statements, whereas most mandated reporters cannot.

Finding Support Through Observation and Reporting

Going far beyond your basic or surface-level investigation, Upstate Private Investigators goes through all possibilities. We will look through for possible custody factors, violations of court orders, evidence of cohabitation, and even abuse or neglect. When it comes to child custody, you can never be too careful. Getting a private investigator involved can help you get down to the truth and find out what’s going on with the child’s caretaker.

In Spartanburg, SC? Call your local private investigator to help resolve your ongoing domestic issue with child custody. Through professional surveillance and investigative techniques, you can get all the support necessary to ease your concerns. Our team of experienced child custody investigators look for the truth and use only proven methods of investigation to ensure that you get the whole story and eliminate the “he said, she said” struggle of domestic disagreements.



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