What to Do if You Suspect Your Spouse is Cheating in South Carolina?


Nobody spends their wedding day thinking about what they’ll do if they learn their spouse is cheating on them. That’s because nobody enters into a marriage thinking it isn’t going to work out. After all, you’ve taken vows. The last thing you want to imagine is your spouse or partner cheating on you. Sadly, we […]

When Does Your Company Need to Hire a Private Investigator?

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Every employer would like to think that their trusted employees would never steal from them. Sadly, a few bad apples can always ruin the bunch. All it takes is one dishonest or desperate employee to set your company back hundreds or thousands of dollars. It doesn’t matter what sort of business you’re in. You are […]

Can Employers Use Private Investigators for a Background Check?


Many employers will rely on a few standardized methods for background checks on potential employees. Some employees might need to carry high-level security clearance, while others may have to prove that they don’t have any outstanding debt to work in specific industries. The trouble is that there are many laws that restrict employers from learning […]

What is “Digital Forensics” and How Do Private Investigators Use It?

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In 1984, officers and investigators began exploring the field that would become known as digital forensics. Then it was in the late 1990s that computer forensic technicians were able to perfect the systems that we use today. Now digital forensics is still new to the field of private investigators. However, many private investigators take a […]

What is a Non-Invasive Electronic Investigation

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If you are curious about the ongoings of another person, do you might start by looking at how you spend your day. How many hours do you spend on an electronic device? How much of your personal information is available on that electronic device? What about the information that you put out on the internet? […]

Investigators Dig Into Suspicions of Cheating Spouses

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It seems as though trust is at an all-time low, and cheating might be sneaking into the majority of relationships across the nation. Now, it’s possible that much of this cheating is happening under the radar on cheating apps, or even just through flirty messages. A survey in the last few years found that 76% […]

How Stalking Victims Can Use Private Investigation Services

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Stalking is often seen as a nearly victimless crime. In fact, it has only been in recent years that the public perception regarding stalking has changed to acknowledge that it is a crime, and many people experience not only emotional but physical trauma as well. The victims of stalkers can sustain extensive trauma and live […]

How Will My Private Investigator Manage My Surveillance Request?

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Many people seek out the help of private investigators for personal reasons, business purposes, and even concerns with the future of various relationships. However, initiating the process of a surveillance request is always the same. You will meet with a local private investigator, and they will explore exactly what you expect or suspect, and then […]

Common Lies Found in Private Pre-Employment Background Checks

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When you’re an active employer, it’s vital that you know everything you can about your employees. Of course, there’s a lot of opportunities to get accustomed to and familiar with your staff overtime. What can you do when you establish your team and need to bring in someone new? Hiring a new person, you could […]

Can A Private Investigators Obtain Sworn Statements from Witnesses?

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When you’re working on a divorce, child custody battle, and similar, you’ll want to use sworn statements from key witnesses. Those statements can be character statements or provide insight into particular struggles. The idea, of course, is that the witness will provide factual information about the situation or persons involved so that the judge or […]