Hiring a Private Investigator for Your Criminal Case

Greenville Private Investigator Stamping Criminal Case Solved

If you’ve been charged with a crime – any crime- you could benefit from hiring a private investigator. Once the prosecutor has decided they have the right person in custody, they tend to stop looking for other suspects. While it isn’t as dramatic as the crime shows you see on television, it’s not all that […]

Background Checks on Potential New Hires: Get Them

background checks

Don’t overlook background checks for your employees. There is a certain level of desperation that could come with applying for a job. For this reason, prospective employees do what they can, right or wrong, to give a good impression. Job seekers may engage in omitting, falsifying, or misrepresenting facts. Therefore, your company must get it […]

I’m Suspecting Employee Theft, Can an Undercover PI Help?

employee theft undercover PI

Every business owner is vulnerable to different forms of theft (including employee theft), regardless of the size of the company. These theft occurrences can result from a lack of oversight of management or inadequate checks and balances. The resulting consequence is that it bleeds the company of its resources and time. Many businesses, in the […]

How Does a Private Investigator Use the Internet to Track Down a Person?

Private investigator with laptop using internet to track someone

The internet is deep and enriched with information from the billions of users that utilize it every living second of the day. There is no doubt that the medium has proven useful in many ways including giving us access to goods and services from different parts of the world and providing us critical information. In […]

Child Custody Cases: GPS Tracking and Private Investigators

child custody

Child custody cases are exceptionally brutal. While the rate of divorce cases in the US has declined as of 2019, there are still a considerable amount of child custody battles being fought across the country. It is a trying time for both parents and the children to part with each other. More often than not, […]

Hire the Right Employees with a Detailed Background Check

background check

You may be very familiar with marital background checks but an employee background check? Yes, they are a concept as well and a very important one. Context is what matters most in this case. For example, if you are hiring for a top-tier position in the company or the said company is undergoing a merger. […]

How Can a Private Investigator Help Prove Adultery?

Private investigator taking pictures for adultery investigation

Divorce rates are at an all-time high in the USA right now and most of these cases are due to one spouse cheating on the other, also known as adultery. Oftentimes, the innocent spouse is sure that the other one is cheating on them but due to lack of proof, they are unable to prove […]

The Role of a Private Investigator in Criminal Defense Cases

Private investigator desk with confidential envelopes

For criminal defense lawyers, building a strong defense and protecting their clients from a harsh sentence is one goal. A lot goes into achieving this goal and it’s done with the help of witnesses and paralegal staff working round the clock. A Greenville private investigator can do wonders to help a lawyer build a strong […]

Suspicious of Your Fiance? Get a Background Check With a PI

background check

A background check can be a useful tool if used wisely.Getting married is a game changer. It means sharing your life with someone else, and no matter how much we think we know about someone, there are always things that stay hidden. The divorce rate in the US is increasing day by day because marriages […]

The Role of Surveillance in a Child Custody Case

surveillance by private investigator

There is no doubt that divorce cases are on the rise and for couples that have kids, they quickly turn into child custody cases. These cases are hard because kids are involved. Needless to say, each parent will quickly get busy proving that the other isn’t capable of taking care of their children. In such […]