Cheating: Can a Private Investigator Find Evidence?

If you think your spouse is cheating, you probably have a million thoughts running through your mind. Part of you just wants to pretend nothing is going on. Another part of you wants to know every last detail of the affair. It’s not healthy to think like this. If you truly want to know if your spouse is cheating on you, there’s one thing to do. You should call and speak with a Greenville private investigator. Not only can they confirm (or deny) your suspicions, but they’ll get you evidence to prove their findings.

Our investigators in Greenville have more than 25 years’ experience helping their clients get the information they need. While they would love to be able to tell all their clients that nothing is going on, it rarely works out that way. There’s a reason why people think their spouse is cheating. They probably have all the clues they need, but just want to make it official. What our Greenville private investigators do is get you the confirmation you need. If you decide to use this information to get a divorce, the evidence we provide you with can prove invaluable. Your divorce lawyer can use this information to help prove your case.

Your Greenville Private Investigator Will Want to Hear Your Story First

It’s important that you convey your suspicions to your Greenville private investigator. They need to know the background story in order to do their investigation. If you have any documentation or proof that they’re cheating, bring it with you to your initial consultation. This way, your investigator has all the information they need to do a successful investigation.

You may feel embarrassed about telling us your full story. Or you may fear that we will judge you somehow. You must remember that we are professionals. We have heard thousands of stories and have met with thousands of people in the same position as you. We don’t want to hear your story because we’re looking to judge you. We don’t even want to judge your significant other. We just want the raw story, so we know which trails to cover on our search.

What Kind of Evidence Will We Find?

The type of evidence we look for is different depending on the case. For example, if our client thinks their spouse is cheating with somebody from work, we’ll start our investigation there. If, however, you tell our Greenville private investigators that your spouse is hooking up with an ex-partner, they’ll go in a different direction.

Some of the evidence we have found in past adultery cases include the following:

  • Screen prints from social media pages
  • Pictures of your spouse or significant other getting into a car with somebody else
  • Information received from your spouse’s coworkers or friends
  • Videos of your spouse out to dinner with someone of the opposite sex
  • Pictures of gifts your spouse is seen buying
  • Notes or timelines based on possible stakeouts

While our business is not like what you see on television, it does have its dramatic moments. Things can get especially hairy when our target notices that we are tailing them. Situations like this can become challenging to say the least.

How is Our Investigation Any Different from Yours?

Our investigators in Greenville have spent decades honing our skills. We have state of the art equipment to help us in our endeavor. And, while technology is important, we also use traditional investigative methods. This is especially true when we are handling a possible adultery case. There is only so much we can find online that you couldn’t find yourself. For example, if you think your spouse is cheating, it is safe to assume that you have already combed through your spouse’s social medial pages.

Not only have you already searched online for information, but you have already conducted your own investigation of sorts. You have probably checked credit card statements and text messages. You may have hacked into your spouse’s email account to see if anything stands out. We know this. Our investigation will go a lot deeper than that. Sometimes, the best methods of private investigation are the ones that have worked for centuries. Of course, technology sometimes makes it a lot easier. But that doesn’t change the fact that we’re looking for highly sensitive information in what sometimes proves to be unusual places.

We Never Share Our Findings with Anyone but Out Clients

One thing you don’t have to worry about with our Greenville private investigators is your privacy. We would never share our information with anybody other than you. Sometimes, we are asked to share our findings with our client’s divorce lawyer. Other times we are ordered to turn this information over as part of discovery. What you need to remember is that our investigation involves your spouse or significant other. It is not a reflection on you. It should prove to be damaging to your case. Unless our investigation revealed nothing, it shouldn’t be able to help your spouse in the divorce either.

Contact One of Our Investigators in Greenville Today

If you think your wife or husband is cheating, you deserve answers. You could be imaging the whole thing. If that’s the case, you’ll be relieved when we don’t find anything. However, if you have a strong feeling that your spouse is cheating, there’s a reason for that. You can’t see the situation from our perspective. You’re so deeply involved in your relationship, that you have no choice but to be biased. This is why it can be good to have a Greenville private investigator on your side. They can take whatever information you provide them with and do a thorough investigation. If they truly cannot find anything to confirm your suspicions, they’ll let you know. This could be the best news you ever get. Sadly, if we do confirm that your spouse is cheating on you, we will do our best to present it to you in a compassionate manner.



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