Cheating Spouse? Here’s How a Private Investigator Can Help

One of the most common reasons people hire a private investigator is to help prove that their significant other is cheating on them. Usually, it’s a spouse who thinks their wife or husband has somebody on the side. Or it could be someone looking to file divorce but wants proof of their spouse’s infidelity first. Whatever the reason, hiring a Greenville private investigator can be one of the smartest decisions you make.

Some people swear that they would never hire a private investigator in Greenville. It isn’t until they find themselves in this situation that they call our office. We get calls several times a week from people looking to catch their partner in the act. When they first call, we can tell they’re hoping for one of two things. Part of them is praying we find nothing. They want us to tell them that their suspicions were just that – suspicions. Other clients want us to catch their spouse cheating because it can help them in a divorce.

Whichever outcome you’re hoping for, a Greenville private investigator can help. All you have to do is give us a call so we can learn what it is you need from us. We do offer a free estimate. This way, you can decide what services you want to order and how long you want the investigation to last.

Believe it Or Not, Old School Private Investigator Tools Still Work Today

Most of us have seen those cheesy movies. The ones where a bumbling private investigator tries to catch a client’s spouse cheating. Only, instead of getting evidence for their client, they fall for the subject. In the real world, it doesn’t work this way.

Private investigators in Greenville do use old-school techniques to track down information on our subjects. For example, we do follow people when they leave work to see where they go. If they go somewhere they aren’t expected to be – like a hotel – we snap photographs and take videos with our phones. The equipment may be new, but the tricks of the trade are not.

Our team of investigators also use common sense tactics to get the information you requested. For example, you may suspect that your husband is cheating with somebody they met at their local gym. We can go to the gym or stalk out the parking lot until we see them. If they’re with someone they shouldn’t be with, we’ll document it and show it to our client.

You Would Be Surprised How Easy it is for Our Greenville Private Investigators to Get the Info You Need

While a lot of our tactics have not changed in the last twenty or thirty years, the equipment we use has changed. Social media and the internet have brought a whole new dimension to our Greenville private investigators.

Sometimes, all it takes is a few hours on Facebook or Instagram to find proof that our subject is being unfaithful. Our experts know how to navigate all the social media platforms. We are also able to do it without leaving a footprint.

One of the things that prevents our clients from conducting this kind of research on their own is the fear of getting caught. They worry that they’ll accidentally like a comment or share a post that they shouldn’t have been looking at. Or they may log into their spouse’s Facebook account and scroll through their messages, hoping to catch them in the act. Unfortunately, they accidentally make a Facebook call to one of their spouse’s friends, thereby leaving a clue that they were snooping.

Our team of private investigators in Greenville don’t make these kinds of mistakes. We are trained to find information for our clients without revealing the fact that they’re concerned. That is why our clients trust us to handle their personal matters.

What Happens if Your Greenville Private Investigator Doesn’t Find Any Cheating?

One of the hardest decisions to make when it comes to hiring a private investigator in Greenville is deciding when enough is enough. There have been times over the years where, no matter where we look, there simply is no evidence of cheating. We try to explain to our client that perhaps their suspicions of cheating were misguided.

It is at this point that they need to make an important decision. They can either have us close the case and send our final bill. Or they can pay an additional fee and have us continue the search. It is a fine balance to strike. As much as we want to find useful information for our clients, there are times when there is smoke but there is no fire.

What Does the Private Investigator Do with the Evidence they Find?

When we meet with a client to show them what we have found, we typically make copies of the evidence for them. One would think that we have no reason to hold onto this information. However, there are times when we need to show this information to a third party.

For example, if one of our clients ends up getting divorced, the court may ask that we submit the original copies of photos, discussion threads on social media, and videos. We have no choice but to submit to their demands. However, you will never have to worry about us showing our work to an outside party. And we would never share the information with the subject of the investigation.

Contact a Seasoned Private Investigator in Greenville Today

Regardless of what we find, we do try to help our clients find closure. If they’ve suspected their spouse is fooling around on them, they may find some relief in learning that they were right. If, deep down, they were hoping their suspicions were wrong, we may be able to quell their fears. It all depends on what kind of evidence our Greenville private investigator finds.

If you’re ready to get the answers you desperately need, contact our office today. We can conduct a short consultation by phone and find out what information you’re looking for. We’ll explain what services we offer and what tools we use to gain the information you need. This initial consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose. No matter what the outcome, you’ll have the answers you need to move forward.



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