Hiring a Private Investigator for Your Criminal Case

If you’ve been charged with a crime – any crime- you could benefit from hiring a private investigator. Once the prosecutor has decided they have the right person in custody, they tend to stop looking for other suspects. While it isn’t as dramatic as the crime shows you see on television, it’s not all that far off. With the exception of maybe a DUI arrest, a private investigator can help you with just about any kind of criminal defense case.

Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of having a Greenville private investigator look into your arrest. They may be able to uncover information the police ignored. They may even be able to prove that you didn’t commit the crime with which you’ve been charged.

Your Greenville Private Investigators Will Look for Clues the Police Ignored

In order for the police to arrest you, they had to have some kind of evidence tying you to the crime. For example, if there was a break-in, they may have found your fingerprints on the scene. Or they may have a video of you parking nearby the property that was burglarized. Once they find these things, they have no reason to try to rule you out. Why would they look for alternative explanations for why you may have been there?

What our team does is look for other ways to prove that you didn’t commit the offense. We may be able to show text messages where you spoke to a neighbor of the break-in victim, arranging to meet them at a certain time. This would certainly show that you were parked near their home for a good reason. Or we may be able to prove that you were in the house the week prior to buying something you saw online. There could be any number of reasons why your fingerprints were on their door.

The police tend to become a bit tunnel-visioned when they think they’ve found their suspect. They would have no reason to look for another explanation for you’re being in the area. They figure they have proof that you committed the crime and that’s all that mattered.

Greenville Private Investigation Services Can Help Prove Your Alibi

One of the hardest things for your criminal defense lawyer to prove is a client’s alibi. Sadly, sometimes this is the only way you can prove your innocence. If the prosecutor insists that you were in a certain place at a certain time, the best thing you can do is prove that this wasn’t the case. Unfortunately, since most people don’t keep track of where they’re at every second of every day, you may have a hard time doing this.

The good news is that our private investigators in Greenville have access to tools that you may not have. We can talk to your cell phone company and get proof of where your cell phone was at a particular time of day. We can also look to see if any of the local homeowners or businesses have a video camera that may have caught the real culprit on tape.

Once we find this information, your criminal defense case may take a turn for the better. Your attorney will let the prosecutor know what information you’ve uncovered. If it’s convincing enough, they may be able to get the charges against you dismissed or at least reduced.

Our Team Can Also Help With False Domestic Violence Allegations

One of the worst things a person can do is falsely accuse another person of domestic violence. First of all, when people make up these claims, they belittle people who are true victims of domestic violence. Second, once you accuse someone of something like this, it can be nearly impossible for them to clear their name.

Our Greenville private investigation services can be critical to someone who’s been charged unfairly with domestic abuse or violence. We can go through the accuser’s social media to see what they have posted in the past about your relationship. We can also look to see if they’ve done anything like this in the past.

When it comes to domestic violence, nobody likes to admit it, but you are typically considered guilty from the start. It feels like the State doesn’t have to prove you did anything wrong. You have to prove that you’re innocent. And, once the charges are filed, you have to jump through hoops to make sure it doesn’t hurt your permanent record. Something like this can impact your career, your living situation, and even your future relationships with your children.

Our Private Investigators Work Diligently and Honestly

Unlike some private investigators, our associates work hard and do things the right way. In this digital age, there are plenty of ways to gain important information without resorting to illegal methods. This is important because you want to be able to use the information that we do find in your case. If your defense attorney can’t submit our findings as evidence, it won’t help you at all. That’s why we make sure we have a track record of what we do and have documentation for any proof we offer.

Contact a Skilled Private Investigator to Help With Your Criminal Defense Case

If you’re facing criminal charges in South Carolina, you have the right to a vigorous defense. Our Greenville private investigation services, combined with your legal defense, may be just what you need to be acquitted of the charges filed against you. We recommend that you contact our office as soon as possible after you’ve been charged.

This way, we have enough time to gather the information we need to help your criminal defense case. You can call and set up your free consultation to see if our Greenville private investigation services are something you’d benefit from.



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