Private Investigator in South Carolina: Divorce Research

All too often, men and women wait until after they file for divorce to hire an Anderson private investigator. Unfortunately, by the time your spouse is served with the divorce complaint, they have already covered their tracks. It’s almost impossible at that point for a private investigator in South Carolina to gather any evidence to prove that they were cheating or hiding assets.

As much as nobody wants to admit that they need to hire a private investigator in South Carolina to follow their spouse, sometimes it’s only way to protect yourself. If you have the feeling that your spouse is doing something they shouldn’t be, then you have a right to know what’s going on. Sometimes that means hiring a private investigator in South Carolina to confirm or deny your suspicions.

You May Have Suspicions that Your Spouse is Cheating

We get calls all the time from men and women who suspect their spouse is cheating. Sometimes they already have evidence of the affair and sometimes it’s just a hunch. One thing all of our clients have in common is that they’re frustrated and just want to know the truth.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that even a painful truth is better than being in the dark. Plus, nobody wants to be treated like a fool. When one of our Anderson private investigators trails a client’s spouse, we always hope for the best. We hope that our client’s intuition is wrong and that we can report back to them that nothing untoward is happening. Unfortunately, they always say to trust your instincts and our clients’ instincts are usually spot on.

If you think your spouse is having an affair, then there’s something making you feel that way. Perhaps your husband is coming home from work later and later every day. Or maybe he comes home smelling like another woman’s perfume. Your wife may have recently joined the gym and looks better than they ever have before. But deep down you feel like her efforts may be for somebody else and not you. These are natural feelings to have, and our private investigators in South Carolina do our best to quell these feelings.

It’s Better to Know if Your Spouse is Hiding Assets Before You File

If you are thinking about getting a divorce, it’s a good idea to know if your spouse is hiding assets before you file. By the time you hire an attorney and they file your divorce complaint, it’s often too late to catch your spouse in the act. Once they have an inkling that you’re talking to a divorce attorney, they’ll start to cover their tracks and come up with a story to explain any unusual transactions.

We always recommend that our clients contact one of our Anderson private investigators as soon as something seems off. It certainly can’t hurt to have an investigator take a look and see if anything strange is going on. Our investigators are very discreet and will never put you in a position that could hurt your marriage.

If you’ve already talked to a divorce attorney, let them know that you’re thinking about hiring a private investigator in South Carolina. This way, we can share any information with them, and they can use it to craft your divorce complaint. For example, even though you no longer need to prove fault to get a divorce, it certainly helps if you have proof that your spouse is cheating. While this usually only provides you with intangible leverage, it can still help when you negotiate your divorce settlement.

You’ll Want to Gather Evidence Before You Tip Your Spouse Off

One thing we always tell our clients is that they have every right to know what’s going on in their marriage. If you were doing something you wouldn’t be proud of, you would expect your spouse to be suspicious. Likewise, if your spouse is doing something like having an affair or hiding assets, they should absolutely expect you to look into it. You’re intelligent enough to know when something is awry. Now you just need to protect yourself by talking to a private investigator in South Carolina.

The minute your spouse finds out that you’ve hired a private investigator, they will start covering their tracks and coming up with their back story. If somebody is sneaky enough to cheat on you or hide money from you, they’re certainly able to come up with a story to convince you that they’re not doing anything out of the ordinary. Rather than only have an inkling or hunch, it’s a good idea to have concrete proof before you approach your spouse with your suspicions.

You May Find Out that Your Suspicions are Wrong

Every now and then, we do the report good news to our clients. For example, a wife may hire one of our Anderson private investigators to trail her husband. After more than three months of investigating, we notice nothing out of sorts. Sometimes, when a spouse makes certain changes in their life, you automatically suspect that they’re having an affair. However, we never really know what’s going on in somebody else’s life. We’re never happier than when we get to report to a client that their spouse is not being unfaithful at all.

The same thing is true when one of our clients thinks their spouse is hiding assets. It made be a matter of one spouse not really being sure of what assets they have. Or it could be a matter of one spouse being paranoid that the other is trying to cheat them out of assets in the event of divorce.

Contact an Expert Anderson Private Investigator Right Away

If you think your spouse is either cheating or hiding assets, and you’re thinking of filing for divorce, wait until you speak with an Anderson private investigator. Let one of our private investigators in South Carolina spend a few weeks or months investigating the matter before you jump to conclusions. We recommend that you call our office and request a free estimate. One of our agents can explain what services we provide and how much it will cost. If you decide to engage our services, we’ll get started on our investigation right away and keep you apprised of any information we uncover.



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