South Carolina Private Investigator and Workers Comp Fraud

It would be nice to think that every employee who submits a workers compensation claim is telling the truth about how their injury happened. Unfortunately, more people are committing workers compensation fraud today than ever before. You’d be surprised how many long-term employees have resorted to this sort of behavior. As much as you want to trust your staff, there are times when you would benefit from the services of a South Carolina private investigator.

For over two decades, we’ve been helping clients catch employees who have filed a fraudulent workers compensation claim. We have the skills and equipment necessary to catch these employees in the act. Sometimes, it’s not just a matter of the money they’re costing you, but it’s a matter of principle. If you feel that you’re being taken advantage of by someone in your company, feel free to give us a call. Take the time to figure out what the private investigators in Greenville can do for you.

Workers Compensation Fraud Costs Americans More than $7 Billion Per Year

Even if you have a small company, a fraudulent workers compensation claim cost you thousands of dollars. Not only will you have to pay through your insurance company, but you also have to pay another employee to cover that person’s position while they’re out of work.

It may seem preponderous that somebody would go to such great lengths to convince somebody that they’ve gotten hurt on the job. Sadly, with so much information on social media these days, it’s getting easier and easier for workers to fabricate a workers compensation claim in South Carolina.

Every year, more than $7 billion are lost to fraudulent workers compensation claims in the United States. Depending on the size of your company, there’s a good chance that you’re sharing in part of this loss. As stated earlier, it’s not always just about the money that you’re losing. You need to set an example for your company so that employees know this sort of behavior will not be tolerated.

What are the Signs that an Employee is Committing Workers Comp Fraud?

If you have a sneaky suspicion that one of your employees is faking a workers compensation injury, there’s really no time to waste. You should get in touch with a private investigator in Greenville as soon as possible so they can get started on their investigation. If you aren’t sure if you’ve been the victim of a workers compensation scam, there are certain signs to look for. Some of these signs include:

  • An injury is reported on a Monday that could very well have been the result of something the employee did over the weekend
  • there are no witnesses to the workplace accident
  • You hear other employees talking about how a certain employee “got over on” the company
  • The employee has a history a filing workers compensation claims with other employers
  • The employee has received their final written warning and we’re in danger of being terminated prior to their workplace accident
  • The employee has not been with you very long and has already suffered attendance issues
  • The injury the employee complains of is very generalized and cannot be confirmed by the state- approved workers compensation doctor

If you happen to notice any of these things with somebody in your company, you should reach out to a South Carolina private investigator sooner rather than later. The last thing you want to do is allow an employee to make a fool out of you and have the rest of your staff learn about it. When one employee gets away with this kind of behavior, it tends to become contagious. If your company is large enough, fraudulent workers compensation claims could become an epidemic.

Your Private Investigator in Greenville Can Get the Evidence You Need

Our private investigators in Greenville have spent years perfecting the art of catching people who have filed a fraudulent workers compensation claim. Not only do we have the talent and expertise, but we also have state-of-the-art equipment to document this fraud.

Some of the evidence that we’ve captured for clients in the past include the following:

  • Employees who complain of nerve damage but are seen playing basketball or engaging other recreation activities
  • Employees who are found working a second job under the table
  • An employee’s social media account includes comments or posts that lead you to believe your employee is lying about their workplace injury
  • One of our private investigators in Greenville catches the employee on video behaving in a way that belies any physical injury

While it’s not always easy to prove that somebody is committing workers compensation fraud, eventually the truth comes to light. Our private investigators in Greenville are persistent and patient. They’ll wait until just the right moment to gather the evidence you need to prove that employee is faking a worker’s comp injury.

Contact an Experienced South Carolina Private Investigator Today

If you have the feeling that one of your employees is committing workers compensation fraud, you should reach out to a private investigator in Greenville right away. The longer they collect benefits, the harder it will be to recover those monies later on.

There are certain signs that an employee has either faked an injury or lied about how it happened. Our expert South Carolina private investigators have over 25 years tracking down this sort of behavior. We can help save you and your insurance company from paying out on a fraudulent claim.

if you need someone to look into a possible fraudulent worker’s comp claim, call our office today. Speak with one of our South Carolina private investigators and take advantage of your free estimate. We can explain what services we offer as well as what results we can achieve. Every day that an employee steals money through workers compensation is a day that money is coming out of your pocket. We can help put a stop to it right away.



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