Greenville Private Investigator: Evidence and Injuries

A Greenville private investigator might be able to determine the truth of a matter. If you’re like most employers, you have three types of employees. You have those valued employees who have been with your company for years. They have shown their dedication time and time again. You know they would probably hide an injury from you just so they could continue to work hard. Then there are the people who just go through the motions. They get the job done and show up on time. They cause no trouble. And then you have the last type of employee. This is the employee who actively hates the company and hates their job. They call out a lot, especially on Mondays and Fridays. They never finish their work and have no respect for company policy. Our Greenville private investigators have found that it’s this last group of people you need to worry about.

Very few employees would have the gall or wherewithal to fake a workplace injury. If they needed a week or two off, they would just use vacation time. And if they hated their job so much, they would just find a new one. This means you don’t have to worry about a number of employees submitting a fraudulent workers compensation claim. However, all it takes is one or two. This can increase your premiums and set a bad example for the rest of your workers.

What Type of Alleged Injury Did Your Employee Suffer?

The type of investigation we conduct will depend on the sort of injury your employee suffered. Our Greenville private investigators will need to know the nature of your employee’s injury before they proceed. The nature of the injury will dictate the tracks of the investigation. Here are a few examples of how this works:

  • Employee suffers alleged knee injury: In this type of case, we would first want to trail the target. We would want to see if they drive, using the knee they claim they can’t move. Or we see him stop at a local playground and enjoy a pickup basketball game. We videotape whatever we see so we can show our clients.
  • Worker claims they injured their neck: We would look to see what pictures the target posted online. The say they hold their neck can speak wonders. We will also read the employee’s social media posts about their plans. If they have a bad neck but post that they went rock climbing with a friend, it will help prove your case.
  • If you suspect employees are faking minor injuries just to get out of work for a few days, let us know. We can install recording devices around your building. These devices can catch employees setting themselves up for a fall. You’d be surprised at the kind of stuff we have captured on film.

Social Media is a Good Place to Start Our Investigation

In addition to using traditional methods of investigation, our Greenville private investigators also rely on new technology. Social media has proven to be a treasure trove of information in these cases. Employees assume that their employers have zero interest in what they post online. What this means for us is that we can capture proof that a worker is faking a workplace injury.

Some of the information we have found in other cases includes:

  • Pictures and videos of your employees doing things they couldn’t possibly do if they had really been hurt
  • Comments and posts by your employee and their online friends that prove they were hurt outside the office
  • Past posts from your worker in which they talk about the possibility of getting time off from work

Despite the fact that this damaging information is out there, most workers don’t think to take it down. This is good news for us and even better news for you.

Our Greenville Private Investigators Will Also Monitor the Target

One of the best ways to get proof that a worker is faking a worker’s comp injury is to tail them. Since your employee is home on workers comp, we have the liberty of following the for hours on end. We look to see where they go and what they do. For example, if somebody files a worker’s comp claim for an alleged back injury, we’d expect them to take it easy. If we find that they went to the gym, rode a motorcycle, or went horseback riding, it helps prove fraud.

You Can Use the Evidence We Find in Court

When your Greenville private investigator shows you what they found, you have a couple of options. You can simply terminate your employees’ workers comp benefits citing fraud. Or you can notify the South Carolina workers compensation commission of the fraud. This allows them to pursue the worker for repayment. It may also open the door to criminal charges.

Whichever route you choose, you can use the information your private investigator in South Carolina as part of your evidence. This type of information is usually admitted as evidence in cases like this. You can even have one of our Greenville private investigators testify at your workers compensation fraud hearing if necessary.

It’s a Good Idea to Employ a Greenville Private Investigator for Workers Comp Fraud

Nobody wants to think that their employee would lie about getting hurt at work. Why would somebody do that? Well, we have two words for you – paid vacation! A lot of people would give their left arm to get paid to stay at home for up to a year or longer. However, most people would never risk getting in trouble by faking a workplace accident. When our Greenville private investigator tails a worker who claimed they were injured, we look for certain things. If we find enough evidence to suggest fraud, we will turn it over to you. Then you can share this information with the insurance carrier. Between the two of you, this information should help make your decision whether to pursue the matter.

We understand that some clients are skeptical about hiring a Greenville private investigator. This is one of the reasons we offer our clients a free estimate. It gives them the chance to see exactly what services we provide and how they can help their company. Since you have nothing to lose by meeting with us, you should take advantage of it right away. The longer you wait, the longer your employee will continue to steal from you.



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