Greenville Private Investigator: Criminal Cases

At first thought, it may not seem like hiring a Greenville private investigator is something you need to do. If you’ve been a criminal defense attorney for years, you may not think you need to turn to outside sources for help. However, you’d be surprised at how beneficial it can be to engage a South Carolina private investigator for help.

We have worked with dozens of criminal attorneys over the years and have helped many of them unearth evidence they otherwise would not have had. This evidence can often help criminal lawyers secure an acquittal. At a minimum, it will help you put up a great defense against the prosecution. Here, we will discuss the various ways in which a Greenville private investigator can help you with your criminal defense.

South Carolina Private Investigators Will Search for Exculpatory Evidence

Legally, the State is required to provide you with a copy of the evidence they have against your client. They are also required to disclose any exculpatory information they may have. The problem is that the prosecutor’s office usually sends a ton of paperwork to the defense attorney handling a criminal matter. They are not going to make your job any easier, that is for sure.

What may happen is that you get blinded by paperwork and miss some of the nuggets of crucial exculpatory evidence that may be hidden in that snowstorm. Thankfully, our South Carolina private investigators relish the chance to go through the State’s evidence with a fine-toothed comb. We will uncover any evidence that helps prove your client is innocent.

Your Greenville Private Investigator Will Comb Through the State’s Evidence

At the same time our Greenville private investigators are looking for exculpatory evidence, they will also review any other evidence you have. Sometimes, the devil is in the details. You may not have the manpower or manhours to do a detailed search through the piles of evidence mounting in your client’s case. We do. Our investigators have helped criminal defense attorneys with hundreds of cases over the years.

One of the benefits of dealing with an experienced South Carolina private investigator is they offer the best of both worlds. They know the old-fashioned tools of the trade. This helps them dig through just about anything to find evidence that helps your clients. This includes canvassing neighbors and witnesses as well as digging through garbage, where necessary. But they also are quite familiar with the newer techniques.

Either way, whether they’re pounding the pavement or conducting online searches through the night, they will work hard to help your team. No lead is too small or too far-fetched as far as we are concerned. We do the grunt work while you and the rest of your defense team focus on the legal side of things.

A private investigator examining fingerprints for a criminal case

It’s Beneficial to Have an Experts Review the Photographic and Audio Evidence

One area in which our Greenville private investigators are highly trained is photographic and audio evidence. Our team has the technology necessary to listen to audio recordings over and over until we find what we’re looking for. We can also analyze pictures and videos that may seem grainy to the human eye. However, once we apply our tools and techniques, we may be able to make out critical information that can help get your client acquitted.

In addition to reviewing existing photographic and audio evidence, our Greenville private investigators are also able to collect new evidence. We will talk to store managers and homeowners located in the area in which the criminal activity took place. We will secure as much additional footage and photographs as possible. We will cover areas that the State didn’t bother to explore.

We will also investigate those places that the State intentionally didn’t bother to look. After all, once the State has enough evidence to sink your client, they stop looking for more. The last thing they want to do is uncover something that makes their case against your client fall apart.

It’s Always a Good Idea to Have a Second Set of Eyes Involved

When you and your team are knee-deep in preparing your client’s defense, it’s always nice to have a second set of eyes around. Our Greenville private investigators will review the work you have done so far and see what may be missing. It also gives us the chance to work together to see what new directions the defense may take.

For example, you may be racking your brain to find proof that your client was not involved in the criminal behavior they are accused of. Our South Carolina private investigators have contacts in the field and tools at our disposal that you may never have thought of.

We will pound the pavement and do good old-fashioned detective work. We will also get online and dig into the social medial accounts of anyone involved in the case. You’d be surprised at some of the information we come up with. You may also be surprised at how helpful this information can be to your case.

Reach Out to One of Our South Carolina Private Investigators Early in Your Case

If you’re handling a complicated criminal case, there’s a good chance you’re working overtime. One way to help relieve some of the pressure is to hire a Greenville private investigator. Our investigators have decades of combined experience working with criminal defense lawyers in South Carolina. We know how to dig up additional evidence that can help poke holes in the prosecutor’s case. We have also been known to find alternate suspects in many criminal cases we have assisted on.

We recommend that any criminal defense attorney consider bringing on a South Carolina private investigator as early in the case as possible. Having a Greenville private investigator working on your team will not only help you prepare your defense, but it can also help you win your case.

Contact our office so we can schedule a time to discuss whether hiring a private investigator is a good idea. We offer all new clients a free consultation. This gives you a chance to find out what our team can offer. It can also help you reinvigorate the cases you are working on.



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