Does a Polygraph Test Help in Employee Embezzlement Cases?

When our private investigators in Greenville first meet with a new client, we always explain the tools we use to get to the bottom of our cases. One such tool is the polygraph exam. When we bring this up as a possible investigative tool, our clients usually think we are joking. They usually assume that a polygraph test can only be used in a criminal case.

The truth is that these tests can be used in almost any situation in which you need to tell if a person is telling the truth. It can certainly be used in an embezzlement investigation. If you think someone at your company is stealing from you, it’s a good idea to call and speak with one of our private investigators in Greenville right away.

Our Private Investigators in Greenville Can Administer a Polygraph Test if Need Be

One tool that our private investigators in Greenville use from time to time is a polygraph test. This test is similar to the ones you see administered on television. However, unlike the detective shows you watch on Netflix or cable television, it isn’t really possible for suspects to cheat on a polygraph exam.

Our investigators as well as any third party polygraphers we would bring into the investigation are expertly trained to notice if anyone attempts to cheat during the test. The way the polygraph test works is by measuring certain physiological functions.

For example, it will measure spikes in a person’s blood pressure or heart rate when they answer a certain question. Since the person taking the test has no idea which question is coming next, they would not be able to manipulate their breathing in time to cheat.

Do You Have an Idea of Who May Be Stealing from Your Company?

Normally, when a client contact one of our private investigators in Greenville, they have a suspect in mind. They may have isolated the thefts to certain days or hours. Or they may know that only one department has access to the company’s cash and bank accounts. If this is the case, you can narrow down who you want the polygraph test administered to.

For example, maybe you want all of your accounts payable or accounts receivable employees tested. In conjunction with the polygraph test, you may want to get a background check done on these workers as well. It all depends on how long the embezzlement has been going on and how much has been stolen.

One thing we ask our clients is how much they think their employee (or employees) have already stolen from them. If the amount is rather high, it makes sense to spend the money to have a group of employees tested. If, on the other hand, the person has only stolen a few thousand dollars, you may want to wait and see if your hunches are correct and test just a handful of workers.employee embezzling money

The Polygraph Test May Help Uncover Which Employees are Involved in the Embezzlement Scheme

The nice thing about a polygraph test is that it is reliable. While the results of polygraph tests can’t be used in court, they can certainly detect when someone is lying. Some say that polygraph tests are as much as 95% accurate.

Even if the number isn’t that high, these tests are accurate enough to get to the bottom of the theft ring. If you aren’t sure which employee may be behind the embezzlement, you can always test an entire department or group of employees. In fact, this can be a good idea, so it doesn’t look like you are singling out one particular employee. That can be a very bad thing, especially if they aren’t the one responsible.

Worst Case, Administering a Polygraph Test May Scare the Culprit Enough to Stop

Sometimes, just the idea of taking a polygraph test can be enough to stop the embezzlement. As much as you want to learn who is responsible for it, the goal is for the embezzlement to stop. When employees learn that you have hired a private investigator in Greenville to polygraph your staff, they may be scared enough to put an end to their scheme.

It also puts all your employees on notice that you will not stand idly by and let them steal from you. One would hope that this sort of thing isn’t necessary. Unfortunately, you never truly know if a person has good or bad intentions.

Call and Speak to One of Our Private Investigators in Greenville Today

If you have a suspicion that one of your employees is embezzling money from you, it’s time you find out the truth. One of the best ways to do this is to call and speak with one of our private investigators in Greenville. Our investigators have access to a host of tools that can find out what’s really going on. As discussed here, the polygraph test is one of the best tools to use in a case like this.

Not only does it help you get to the bottom of things, but it can also act as a strong deterrent for future criminal activity. Nobody deserves to be robbed by their employees. This is especially true for smaller companies where the employees and managers are close and are supposed to care about each other.

As much as nobody wants to learn that their staff is stealing from them, it’s better to identify the culprit and move on. You can’t afford to be taken advantage of any longer.

Call our office today and schedule your free, initial consultation. We can listen to your story and let you know if we can help. If you decide to retain our services, one of our private investigators in Greenville will come out to your business property and start their investigation.

If need be, we can even engage in the use of a polygraph test. Whatever it takes to track down the person responsible for the theft, we will do it – as long as it is lawful. You won’t have to worry about our private investigators in Greenville doing anything that isn’t above board. Call today and set up a date and time that works for you.



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