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Nobody ever wants to believe their husband or wife is cheating on them. But the divorce rates wouldn’t be so high if people out there weren’t cheating. While you hope your spouse is one of the good ones, knowing about an affair can bring you closure. It’s important to uncover the truth and gather proof so you can decide how to move forward. Hiring a Greenville private investigator can help you do that.

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Common Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating

Suspecting infidelity can be incredibly distressing, and it often stems from noticeable changes in your partner’s behavior. While these signs are not concrete proof, they can indicate that something may be amiss in your relationship. Here are some common signs of a cheating spouse.

Changes in Communication Patterns

A marked change in how your partner communicates can be a red flag. This could include being overly secretive with their phone or computer, having hushed conversations, or taking calls in another room.

Along with suspicious phone habits or text messages, you may notice they no longer value open communication with you. A cheating spouse may become defensive or dismissive when asked about their day.

Unexplained Absences

If your spouse starts spending more time away from home without a clear explanation, it could be cause for concern. Frequent late nights at work, unexplained business trips, or spending more time with friends without including you may indicate infidelity. If a spouse is evasive about changes in their work routine, it’s a big red flag.

Altered Appearance

A cheating partner might make extra efforts to improve their appearance. This can include buying new clothes, joining a gym, or paying more attention to grooming. These changes are often coupled with a sudden increase in self-consciousness or concern about their looks.

Decreased Intimacy

A noticeable decline in affection levels or intimacy can point to infidelity. Your partner may seem distant, less interested in spending time together, or avoid physical affection. They might also be less engaged in conversations and shared activities.

Financial Discrepancies

Infidelity often has financial implications. Unexplained charges on credit card statements, unusual withdrawals from bank accounts, or secretive behavior about finances can be signs of cheating. Your partner might also be spending money on gifts, hotels, or dining out without clear explanations.

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How Private Investigators Uncover Infidelity

If you suspect your spouse is cheating, hiring a private investigator can help you gather the hard evidence you need. PIs use a variety of methods to uncover infidelity, ensuring their approach is discreet and professional. Here are some common techniques used in private investigations to catch cheating spouses.


Surveillance is one of the most effective methods for uncovering infidelity. Private investigators can monitor your spouse’s activities, documenting their movements and interactions. This can include following them discreetly. Surveillance provides visual and photographic evidence that can confirm suspicions.

A private investigator can film or photograph a cheating spouse in a public place, but they cannot take pictures through the window of a private residence.

Background Checks

Conducting background checks on the individuals your spouse interacts with can reveal important information. A private investigator can uncover details about these individuals, such as marital status or previous divorces. This helps build a comprehensive picture of your spouse’s activities and associations.

Social Media Monitoring

Many extra-marital affairs begin on the internet. A private investigator can monitor your spouse’s social media profiles to gather evidence of adultery. This can include analyzing posts, photos, and comments. Social media activity can reveal hidden relationships and provide insights into your spouse’s activities.

What Can’t a Private Investigator Do in Infidelity Investigations?

PIs cannot break the law when gathering information about a spouse’s infidelity. The following are examples of illegal investigation methods.

Hack Your Spouse’s Accounts

In today’s digital age, much of our communication happens online. Private investigators use digital forensics to examine electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, and tablets. They can recover deleted messages, emails, and call logs.

However, it’s important to know that licensed private investigators cannot hack into your spouse’s accounts, phone, or computer. A PI must have consent from the owner of the device to access data and information.

Wiretap Your Spouse’s Phone

A PI can’t wiretap your spouse’s cell phone to obtain proof of an affair. Federal law prohibits wiretapping phones without the person’s permission, except by law enforcement officials who have a court order.

In addition, most states have outlawed recording phone conversations without the consent of at least one party involved in the conversation. South Carolina is a one-party consent state for recording.


Trespassing is illegal, and a private detective cannot enter someone’s home, business, or other private property without permission. Any evidence gathered this way can’t be used in divorce proceedings.

Obtain Protected Information Without Consent

Private investigators cannot obtain protected information with the person’s consent or a valid court order. This includes bank account information, financial records, and phone records.

For instance, you notice your spouse keeps getting text messages from the same mysterious number. A PI may use public record searches to investigate the person or carrier linked to that number. However, a PI cannot obtain cell phone records without consent or a subpoena.

Use GPS Tracking Without the Vehicle Owner’s Consent

According to South Carolina state law, it is illegal to place a tracking device on a vehicle without the owner’s consent. In infidelity cases, this means you can give a private investigator permission to place a GPS tracking device on a car that’s in your name, but not on a vehicle registered in your spouse’s name.

Private Detective Spying on Cheating Wife

Why Hire a PI to Catch a Cheating Spouse?

Suspecting that your husband or wife is cheating can be one of the most distressing and challenging situations you may face. The uncertainty and emotional turmoil can affect every aspect of your life. However, before confronting your spouse or making any drastic decisions, it is crucial to gather accurate information and evidence.

This is where hiring a private investigator (PI) can be incredibly beneficial. A PI can discreetly gather the evidence you need, allowing you to make an informed decision about how to handle your spouse’s infidelity.


One of the primary benefits of hiring a private investigator is their ability to conduct infidelity investigations discreetly. PIs are trained professionals who know how to blend in and keep a watchful eye on someone without drawing attention.

This means that a cheating spouse will be unaware of the investigation and surveillance, allowing an experienced private investigator to gather proof of an extra-marital relationship without giving your partner the chance to cover his or her tracks.

In some cases, suspicions of infidelity may be unfounded. A private investigation can help clear misunderstandings and prevent unnecessary accusations.

Specialized Techniques

Private investigators employ a range of specialized techniques to catch a spouse cheating. These methods include surveillance, background checks, and more. PIs have access to tools and resources that are not readily available to the general public, ensuring a thorough and effective investigation.

Gathering Evidence for Divorce Proceedings

Evidence obtained by a licensed private investigator is generally admissible in court, provided that it was gathered legally. This is crucial in legal proceedings such as divorce and seeking custody of your children. PIs document their findings meticulously, providing you with solid evidence that can stand up in court. This includes photographs, videos, detailed reports, and witness statements.

While South Carolina is a no-fault divorce state, proof of adultery can influence the court’s decisions on alimony and property division.

Avoiding Confrontation

Confronting a cheating spouse without solid evidence can lead to denial, arguments, and further emotional distress. By hiring a private investigator, you can avoid direct confrontation until you have all the facts. Knowing the truth and being prepared allows you to act more strategically. You’ll have evidence if you choose to get a divorce.

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Worrying about a spouse cheating is a painful and challenging experience, but it is crucial to handle the situation with care and precision. A private investigation can help you uncover the truth. If you decide to file for divorce, you should be ready with proof that your spouse is cheating. The best way to do that is to talk to an experienced Greenville, SC private investigator.

At Upstate Private Investigators, we have over 25 years of experience handling adultery investigations. We are available 24/7, so contact us today for a free consultation!



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