What Are the Signs that an Employee Might Be Stealing from You?

When you hire a new employee, you’re always a bit suspicious at first. You know nothing about them. For all you know, they may be out to rob you blind. Sadly, it isn’t always the new employees you have to worry about. Sometimes, the people stealing from you are the ones who have worked with you for years and years. A Greenville private investigator can track down the employee stealing from you so you can put a stop to their behavior immediately.

Are Customers Complaining About Incorrect Charges?

One of the worst ways to find out that one of your employees is stealing from you is to hear about it from one of your customers. Oftentimes, employees will overbill or overcharge your customers for certain items or services. They make sure they don’t make the transaction large enough for anyone to notice. Instead, they do it slowly and methodically.

Over time, this can build up to thousands of dollars in losses. If one of your customers catches them in the act, it can mean more than lost inventory and revenue. You could lose a very valuable customer. Rather than let this happen, turn to a skilled Greenville private investigator to help.

Is a Lot of Inventory Being Marked Damaged or Lost?

For business owners who operate a retail shop, you’re probably used to having a certain percentage of your inventory get damaged or lost. Most managers just write this off as a loss. They try to keep track of this sort of thing but it’s not a top priority. What some employees do is watch to see what sort of tracking system you have. If it’s a simple log that is maintained by your staff, it puts you in a very vulnerable position.

All an employee has to do is take a perfectly good item from your store and log it as damaged. Then, they can either sell it to another customer to cash or they can take it home with them. Unless they play this game with the same product too often, you may never notice it’s happening. This can cost you thousands of dollars a year. It also makes you look weak and vulnerable to your staff. Your Greenville private investigator can help you put a better system into place.

Do You See Questionable Returns in Your Daily Transactions?

If you run any sort of retail establishment, then you should have a daily log of all transactions. You’re likely able to isolate any transactions that involve returns. One trick that some employees use is to return phantom items and reimburse themselves with the cash. For example, they may know that you sell a ton of bottles of high-priced liquor. They go into the computer and pretend a customer returned a bottle of liquor. Rather than give the cash refund to an actual customer, they put it in their pocket.

If they are ever questioned about it, it’s very hard to catch them in a lie. It is very hard to maintain your inventory closely enough to catch one random bottle missing. Over time, however, you’ll start to notice a trend. Your Greenville private investigator can track down the culprit and put a stop to it.

Let an Experienced Greenville Private Investigator Help Put an End to the Theft

You work hard for your money. It can be hard for your employees to understand that when they steal from your company, they’re stealing from you. They don’t always realize just how much you have at stake. They probably have no idea how hard and how long you worked to have your own business. They don’t feel bad about stealing from you. And the longer they get away with it, the more often they’re going to steal from you.

Rather than let your staff take advantage of you, hire a Greenville private investigator instead. They can come in, do an analysis of your transactions and see what they find. They know the signs for when an employee is stealing from their employer. They’ll help you catch the thief and put a stop to it for once and all.

Call our office and talk to one of our expert staff. One of our investigators can come out and provide you with a free estimate. If somebody is stealing from your company, we’ll get to the bottom of it. You have too much on your plate to waste time tracking down a thief. That’s what we do. Let our professional private investigators in Greenville give you the peace of mind you need. The consultation is free and you’ve got nothing to lose.



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