Private Detective in South Carolina and Money-Saving Initiatives

Business owners work very hard to keep their businesses afloat. This is no truer than during the current COVID-19 lockdown. The last things small businesses can afford right now shrinkage due to employee theft. It’s bad enough when your customers steal from you. But when you find out that your own people are stealing from you, it is both infuriating and hurtful. An experienced private detective in South Carolina can help you track down employees who may be stealing from you.

One of the Biggest Sources of Shrinkage in Retail Companies is Employee Theft

Most business owners know that one of the biggest sources of shrinkage is employee theft. There are, of course, innocent mistakes made in every business. A cashier may accidentally give somebody too much change. Or someone who is filling in for somebody in another department may undercharge somebody on a high-ticket item. These things happen and you have to be prepared to write off these losses. But you should not have to be prepared to accept employee theft.

It is Not Always Customers Who Steal from You

It would be almost comforting to know that customers steal from you – but that only customers steal from you. Business owners can manage against that. In fact, your private detective in South Carolina can even look to see where your security system or inventory control system is weak. They can identify these flaws and help you remedy them. They can also provide you with the technology to record what is going on inside your business. This way, you can always go back and track what may have happened.

When your private detective in South Carolina tells you that you have workers stealing from you, it can be heartbreaking. This is especially true if your workers have been with you for a long time. Some employees seem like family. When they steal from you, it can ruin a good working relationship. At the end of the day, if your staff is stealing from you, then you need a private detective in South Carolina to help put a stop to it.

Private Detectives in South Carolina Know What to Look For

The good news is that private detectives in South Carolina have been on the job for so long, they know what to look for. There are certain signs that your employees may be stealing from you. It’s important that you have a solid basis and substantial evidence before you make a claim of theft. Not only will it cost you a good employee if you’re wrong. It can also lead to a hefty lawsuit if it is not handled properly. This is where private detectives in South Carolina come in handy. They know the law and understand the best ways to protect your company and its assets.

Why Would an Employee Steal from You?

It’s hard to imagine why an employee would want to steal from you. It would be one thing if your employee honestly can’t afford to feed their children and is stealing food from your store. However, this is rarely the case. Usually, when an employee is stealing, it’s for the following reasons:

  • The employee steals cash because they want cash
  • They may have a drug addiction that they need to support
  • They may have an illness where they feel compelled to steal as in kleptomania
  • They truly don’t care and they only took the job because they knew you didn’t have a security system

In situations like this, your private detective in South Carolina will work hard to get you the evidence you need. If you must terminate your employee or file criminal charges, your private detective in South Carolina can help you do this.

Call and Talk to a Seasoned Private Detective in South Carolina

If you’re suspicious that one of your employees is stealing from you, it’s time to act. You should call one of our private detectives in South Carolina. They can look at your transactions and receipts. If you track your employees’ logins, then it shouldn’t be hard to determine where the problem lies. If you don’t, the problem may be a bit bigger. Your private detective in South Carolina will do what it takes to get you the answers you need. Call our office and set up a time to meet with one of our professional private detectives in South Carolina for your free consultation.



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