Why Hire a Private Investigator for Surveillance?

If you’ve had the thought of hiring an investigator for surveillance but haven’t had the conviction yet, then this is meant for you. If you’ve hired a private investigator before and did not have the best experience, this one is for you as well! We conduct things in the right manner, and whether you are after some light entertainment or are looking to engage in serious matters of business or the heart, there is a viable option for you. Life’s too short to keep speculating about things that can be settled!

Let’s start by talking about the most infamous cases, which are personal and family matters. Most people initially think of surveillance for infidelity, but such cases only make a tiny fraction of what multi-dimensional companies investigate. All those in your immediate life may need investigative surveillance services at one point or another. Here are common instances and services we provide:

Children Surveillance

Every parent is concerned about the well-being of their child. Whether it is a wild adolescent, case of suspected child abuse, or battle for custody – cases involving children are covered. We can even run a background check on your babysitters, on top of the surveillance.

Surveillance for the Seniors

The elderly family members and friends are some of the most vulnerable people in our societies. Whenever you have a senior in a nursing facility or receiving care from home and would like to be sure of the level of care they are receiving, we can investigate and provide footage.

Surveillance to Trace Someone

You may be checking in with someone you are concerned about, far or near. A long-missing or lost sibling, friend, or parent? Maybe you need the visual proof that this person is still alive? We can surely help you look into that. We can trace them, show up at their door, and even wait for them to get back if need be.

Away from personal issues, there is a whole section of this profession that deals in business and legal issues. That’s right – workers, corporations, and business owners can make use of private investigators. But how useful are they to such people, though? Here are some instances to consider:

Surveillance for Employers

Legal issues such as lawsuits, copyright infringement employee compensation, work injuries, theft, and other affairs of the workplace may be handled by a private investigator every day for business owners and companies.

Surveillance for Lawyers

Lawyers often turn to private investigators to help them handle high-stakes cases, tracing witnesses, doing asset searches, and others!

Surveillance for Insurance Firms

Insurance firms often seek our services in cases of alleged fraudulent claims. This applies to a vehicle, worker’s compensation, healthcare, and even disability claims.

Why Can’t a Close Person or I do the Investigative Surveillance?

Well, that good question has a simple answer: skill and cost-effectiveness. At first, it may seem easy to do some online searches and take some images and video materials, but this would be a trial and error activity. Why not seek expert services? Certified investigators in Greenville know everything about this field, and you don’t want to indulge in illegal actions by doing it alone.

The possibilities in the private investigation sectors are limitless, and growing by the day. The quickest way to get information about a case is to ask. Genuine investigators, like us, are clear about the costs and expectations. If you’ve shied from seeking the services of a private investigator for surveillance, you may have considered the wrong company! We like what we do, and love delivering good results for you.



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