How Exactly Do You Hire A Private Investigator?

There are plenty of reasons you might consider hiring a private investigator. Whether it’s to track a missing person, to find out what your spouse or employee is up to, or something else, a professional private investigator is a helpful way to find what you are looking for without drawing attention. But how do you hire a private investigator? First, you must identify a private investigator that is reputable. Then, you will want to learn more about the investigator you are considering hiring including information about their experience level, how much they charge, and other information prior to making a decision.

Look into Investigators Near You

Once you have found a couple of investigators that operate within your area, you will want to complete your own investigation. This process should involve finding out whether or not they are licensed to perform the type of investigation you are in need of. Every state has different licensing requirements. Therefore, you want to ensure you are hiring a professional that is properly licensed in the state you will be having them work in. If the investigator will be crossing state lines during the course of the investigation, they need to have investigator licenses in each state. You also want to try to figure out what kind of investigations they specialize in.

A lot of investigators will have their own area of specialization. Because of this, some might specialize in financial investigations and some might take on more cases involving domestic disputes. Ideally, you want to identify an investigator with a lot of professional experience handling the type of investigation you require. That way, you will be able to find someone that is going to be entirely capable of handling your investigation including having access to the contacts needed to complete it.

You will be able to cross-reference with different professional organizations and with local law enforcement in order to ensure that the private investigator you are looking to hire is both reputable and experienced in the industry. When it comes to completing a successful investigation having adequate experience is a must.

Meet With The Prospective Investigator

One of the crucial steps to take when you are looking to hire a private investigator in Greenville, SC, would be meeting with them in person. Establishing a good rapport with the investigator you hire is a key element to hiring the right person. After all, you will likely need to provide them with personal information that you will need to trust them with. Therefore, you want to stick to working with investigators that have an established physical presence of some kind with a brick and mortar office.

That way, you can get the peace of mind you need that they are not some ‘fly by night’ investigator and that you will be able to find them if there are problems down the road. By meeting with the investigator in person, you will be able to ask any questions you might have and get a good feel for the type of person you are hiring for the sensitive task.

If you are not entirely comfortable with the investigator, you will want to eliminate them from the prospective list. Never feel forced to work with a specific investigator. As with any other professional relationship, you want to be content with the one you hire and you need to feel good about working with them.

It might even be possible that the investigator you are considering doesn’t want to take on your respective case. During your initial consultation/meeting, you will want to have your case laid out and prepared. That way, you can ask any pertinent questions you might have. This will give them all of the information they require to give you accurate details as to what they can do for you and what they can help you with.

 Set The Terms

Once you have narrowed down the list of prospective private investigators, it is equally as important to ensure they are capable of providing you with exactly what you require. Thus, if you will require them testifying in court, you want to ensure their willingness to do it for you. Some might be willing and able to provide you with critical information, but they will refuse to appear as a witness in a trial. Along with this, you want to have all of the respective fees for the service laid out in clear terms. That way, you will be able to have a written contract in place to protect both parties.

By having this laid out, you will have more information to compare various investigators to ensure you are choosing the right one. Once you agree on the terms of your investigation including any deadlines you note, you will be able to allow the investigator to commence working on your case. Hiring a private investigator might not be the easiest task, but if you conduct the necessary research beforehand, you should feel fully confident you made the right decision. Here at Upstate Private Investigators, we offer the experience and reputation that can give you the peace of mind you need to know you made a great choice.



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