Anderson Private Investigators: Is It Unusual to Do a Pre-Marital Investigation of Your Future Spouse?

In the months leading up to your wedding, you may be wondering if you really know the person you’re about to marry. Maybe you haven’t known each other all that long. Or perhaps you feel like there’s something your fiancé isn’t being honest about. When this happens, your best option is to call one of our Anderson private investigators for a pre-marital investigation.

Getting Married Is One of the Biggest Decisions You’ll Ever Make

Starting your career, buying a house, and getting married are the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. If you were buying a house, you would look at more than one property. You would look at comparable houses to make sure the value matches the price.

If you were embarking on a new career, you’d go to school and train for the job you want. You would investigate different firms to see which one had the best reputation. You may even do background research on a few of the firms to see what kind of place it is to work for.

If this is true, then why should it be any different when it comes to getting married?

Maybe You’re Wondering if Your Fiancé Has Been Married Before

As much as you would love to believe that your soon-to-be spouse has been honest with you, there’s no way to know for sure. There may be certain topics that are off-limits. For example, your fiancé may refuse to talk about their prior relationships.

For all you know, they could’ve been married before. You have a right to know if your betrothed has been divorced. This could change the way you look at the person you plan on spending the rest of your life with.

A Pre-Marital Investigation Can Uncover If Your Fiancé Has Children

While it may seem wrong to not tell your fiancé that you’ve been married before, imagine if you found out your future spouse has children. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman. There’s always the chance that they could have children that they don’t talk about.

If this is the case, it may be troubling for you. You may wonder what kind of person abandons their children. You may also be afraid of what could happen if their kids crawled out of the woodwork and interfered in your life somehow.

Will You End Up Having to Pay Child Support Out of Your Household Income?

One way this could impact your marriage is if you find out your future spouse owes back child support. Once you’re married, you’ll probably commingle your finances.

You don’t want to be surprised at some point by finding out your checking account has been frozen due to unpaid child support.

Get a background check on your future spouse.

Will You Find Out Years from Now That These Children Are Rightful Heirs?

You also don’t want your spouse’s kids to come around later on when it comes time to bury your spouse. Hopefully, this is thirty or forty years away. However, our Anderson private investigators have handled plenty of cases where children our clients didn’t know existed end up sharing in their inheritance.

Private Investigators in Anderson Can Run a Criminal Background Check as Well

In addition to their marital background, you may want a private investigator in Anderson to run a criminal background check as well. You may have no idea what your future spouse is capable of.

Our Anderson private investigators have handled cases in the past where a client learned that their fiancé was wanted in several states. Not only were active warrants out against their fiancé, but they also owed thousands of dollars in criminal restitution.

You May Learn That Your Fiancé May Have Committed Felonies 

Even though you don’t believe we should judge people by their past, you won’t be happy to learn that your girlfriend or boyfriend has committed felonies. Any felony is a pretty serious crime. Otherwise, it would be classified as a misdemeanor.

When your Anderson private investigator runs their criminal background check, they’ll learn if your future spouse has any convictions. They will find out what they were for and how the case was disposed of.

Whether you choose to confront your significant other with this information is up to you. Our private investigators in Anderson just believe that you’re entitled to this information.

They Could Even Have Been Arrested for Child Abuse or Child Endangerment

Nobody wants to think that they’re marrying a monster. However, if you have children, or want to have children, you need to know the truth. If your fiancé has been convicted of any crimes involving children, you have a right to know. You also have a duty to protect your current children and any children that may come in the future.

Our Anderson private investigators understand how disheartening it would be to learn that your fiancé has abused children in the past. But aren’t you better off knowing the truth rather than hoping that everything is okay?

Hire Top Anderson Private Investigators for Your Pre-Marital Investigation!

If you’re about to get married, there’s probably a small part of you that worries if you’re making the right decision. A lot of the clients who contact our Anderson private investigators want to make sure they know who it is they’re marrying before they say “I Do.”

There’s nothing wrong with feeling this way. If every engaged person took the time to learn about the person they’re marrying, the divorce rates would probably be lower. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of pre-marital investigation services.

We suggest you contact our office at least a month or two before your wedding. While nobody wants to be the bearer of bad news, we do believe you deserve the truth. You can contact our Anderson private investigators at any time and schedule your free consultation.



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