Can Your Greenville Private Investigator Do a Background Check on Your Daycare Center?

If you’re fortunate, you were able to stay at home with your children until they reach school age. However, for many of us, that isn’t a possibility. That’s why it’s important that you understand how a Greenville private investigator can help ensure that the daycare center you’ve chosen is a good option.

You Want to Make Sure the People Caring for Your Children Are Competent

When you leave your children at the daycare center in the morning, you can only hope that they’re in good hands. It’s easy enough for daycare center workers to put on a smile and pretend to care about your children.

It’s quite another to have a private investigator in Greenville run a background check to see if all is well with the daycare center. Not only do you need to worry about the owner of the daycare center. You also need to understand how competent the workers at the daycare center are.

Is the Daycare Center Properly Licensed and Insured?

One of the first things your private investigator in Greenville should check is that the daycare center is properly licensed. You don’t want to leave your kids with someone who isn’t licensed.

You need to know that someone is checking in to make sure the center meets the basic regulations for daycare centers. You also want to make sure they’re adequately insured. If something does happen to one of your children, you need to know the daycare center has insurance to cover any injuries.

Your Private Investigator in Greenville Can Look to See if There Have Been Complaints Filed

One of the first things your Greenville private investigators will do is look to see if any complaints have been filed. If other clients were unhappy with the daycare center, they may have filed a formal complaint.

Sometimes, seeing what other parents had to say about the daycare center is telling. You normally wouldn’t have a glimpse into what it’s really like for the children in the daycare center.

Were These Complaints from Parents Whose Children Were Hurt?

The next thing your private investigators in Greenville can do is look to see who the complaints were filed against. If they were filed against individual workers, you can check to see if these employees are still working at the daycare center.

If the complaints were filed directly against the proprietor of the daycare center, that’s another story. It’s important that your Greenville private investigator know what these complaints were about. It will also be interesting to see what the owner’s response to these complaints were.

a background check on the daycare gives you peace of mind

Has the Daycare Center Been Sued in the Past?

In addition to complaints, your Greenville private investigators can check to see if anybody has ever sued the daycare center. If they were sued, you need to know what the lawsuit was about. You also want to find out how these cases were resolved.

It’s bad enough that somebody had to sue the daycare provider. However, if they owe a lot of money in liens and judgments, it could impact how they treat your children. If they don’t have ample resources to care for the children, you may want to consider another provider.

Your Private Investigator in Greenville Can Investigate the Owner’s Background as Well

Aside from the business’s dealings, your Greenville private investigator can also run a background check on the owner. You may learn that they have a criminal background. Or they could be in trouble for not paying taxes for years or even decades.

A background check may provide you with additional information about the owner of the daycare center.

For example, you can find out if they have ever owned a daycare before. If so, your private investigator in Greenville can check to see if that other daycare center was sued for negligence or abuse.

Does the Owner of the Daycare Center Have a Criminal Background?

You will also learn whether the daycare center’s owner has been convicted of any crimes of their own. For example, if you find out the daycare manager has two DUI convictions on their record, you wouldn’t want them to drive your children anywhere.

The same is true if your Greenville private investigator learns that the owner has been convicted of drug crimes. The last thing you want to do is leave your kids with someone who’s drinking or using drugs on the job.

Perhaps the Daycare Center’s Owner Has Been Convicted of Neglect or Abuse

Most importantly, your private investigator in Greenville can also look to see if the owner has been convicted of abuse or neglect. This can involve the daycare center’s customers or the owner’s children.

If you uncover anything that leads you to believe the daycare center’s owners could abuse your own children, you need to look elsewhere. Even if you aren’t comfortable telling the owner what you’ve learned, you still have a right to change your mind.

Your Primary Concern is for the Safety of Your Children

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make sure the daycare center you send your children to is safe. After all, these are the people who will spend up to eight hours a day with your kids. The good news is that your Greenville private investigators can do a thorough background check on the daycare center as well as its owner.

Most of the time, the information our private investigators in Greenville find is harmless. It may confirm the belief you had that your chosen daycare center was safe. On the other hand, there’s always the chance that your daycare center has been cited for a variety of violations in the past.

Either way, you deserve the have the information necessary to make an informed decision. Deciding where to place your children for daycare is a critical decision. It could impact their safety and welfare for months or years to come.

Our Greenville private investigators understand that there are some things you can’t come out and ask your daycare center. You don’t want to offend them, especially if they’ve done nothing wrong.

At the same time, you need to know the people who are caring for your children. Sometimes, the only way to make that happen is to meet with a private investigator in Greenville right away.



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