How Can a Private Investigator Help Prove Adultery?

Divorce rates are at an all-time high in the USA right now and most of these cases are due to one spouse cheating on the other, also known as adultery. Oftentimes, the innocent spouse is sure that the other one is cheating on them but due to lack of proof, they are unable to prove adultery and file a divorce. This is where an experienced Greenville private investigation firm can help them prove adultery and win the divorce case.

Before you hire a private investigator, look out for some common signs to be sure that your partner is cheating:

Signs That Your Partner Is Committing Adultery

Are you noticing any of these changes in your spouse? It’s time to invest in a good Greenville private investigation firm. A private investigator can help put your suspicion at ease.

Being Defensive and Secretive

Have you noticed your partner going quiet and secretive recently? Do they share less of their workweek and life with you and upon asking, do they get irritated and defensive? This can be a sign that they have found someone else to confide their secrets in.

Coming Home Late

Most spouses tend to meet the other person after working hours and that means they have started coming home late more often than not and upon asking, they don’t have a valid reason to give you.

Sudden Changes in Appearance

Is your spouse suddenly changing the usual way they get their hair cut? Or changing the way they dress? This may not be a cause for concern but in some cases, it is a sign that points towards adultery.

Behavioral Changes

Have you noticed that your partner has been acting strange? Like not picking the usual fights over small things that they used to? Or clearly, lying to your face about something or their whereabouts? This can be a sign that it’s time to look for a private investigator and rule out adultery.

Advantages of Hiring a Private Investigator

If you suspect your spouse of adultery, there are many benefits to working with a private investigator.

They Are Anonymus

If you’re going to confirm whether your spouse is cheating on your or not, you will need to get very close to them. Of course, you can’t do this on your own or you can’t have a friend do it because your spouse will most definitely recognize you. Private investigators have the gift of anonymity and they can get really close to the subject and monitor behavior patterns without being discovered or the subject getting suspicious.

They Are Experienced

Licensed private investigators are trained and experienced at what they do. They know the techniques and have the equipment required to find out whether your spouse is cheating on you or not. They also have the skills to look for evidence where most people won’t. This is the evidence that will help you file and win a divorce case on grounds of infidelity.

They Have the Time

If you are to find out if your spouse is involved romantically with someone else, you will need to spend a lot of time tracking them. The good news is that a private investigator can carry out surveillance and follow the subject around for the entire day because they have all the time in the world as this is their sole job. So whatever amount of time is needed, they will spend it to get you the answers you need.

They Have the Freedom

Private investigators are not from the law enforcement agencies and hence they aren’t bound by the laws that govern evidence gathering. Of course, they can’t do anything illegal but they can still use their sources and unconventional methods to extract evidence.

How Can Upstate Private Investigators Help You?

Upstate Private Investigators have been looking for covert signs of infidelity and adultery and helping innocent spouses for years. We are undoubtedly one of the best private investigation firms to work with. We use the following techniques and tools to uncover the truth:

  1. Video surveillance
  2. Audio surveillance
  3. Vehicle tracking via GPS
  4. Spy software for computer

Our professional private investigators in both Greenville and Anderson are licensed and specially trained to be discreet. We understand the sensitivity of a marriage that is being plagued by infidelity. We use state-of-the-art equipment and ethical practices to gather evidence that can be used in the court of law at the end of the day. This documented evidence can help you win our divorce case.

Do you notice signs that your partner is cheating or are you sure they are but you cannot prove it? Don’t despair and contact our licensed private investigators today.



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