Hire the Right Employees with a Detailed Background Check

You may be very familiar with marital background checks but an employee background check? Yes, they are a concept as well and a very important one. Context is what matters most in this case. For example, if you are hiring for a top-tier position in the company or the said company is undergoing a merger. You need a thorough check on the candidates to ensure you are hiring an honest and clean individual to carry forward the successful streak of your organization.

This is where an experienced private investigator can make things easier for you.

What Is an Employment Background Check?

An employment background check is a process for looking into the past and history of a potential or current employee. This check involves looking at their criminal and civil records, their previous employment history, references, educational history and etc to validate their character and their honesty.

When and Why Would You Need an Employment Background Check?

Background checks are run for employees when you are suspicious of their behavior or when you are hiring a top-tier employee for the organization. Here are some other reasons:

  • New hirings
  • New investments
  • New tenants
  • Hiring a caregiver
  • Hiring a public official or C-level resource

Each background check must be unique based on your exact concerns and requirements to yield the best results.

What Can a Background Check Help You Uncover?

Potential employees have a habit of leaving out the bad details (if there are any) in their resumes. A resume always has the happier side of the story on it. There are some details, however, that are supposed to be mentioned during the interview like a criminal record. But, for the sake of getting a job, people don’t mention these details.

This is where a detailed background check comes in and can help you discover lies and fraudulent information in the following areas:

  • Educational history, degrees, diplomas, and certifications
  • Criminal and civil records
  • Professional licenses and memberships

What Are the Main Benefits of an Employment Background Check?

Here are some of the ways employment background checks benefit companies.

Improvement in Workforce Quality

The very first change you will notice after conducting background checks is the quality of your new hires improving. You will end up hiring individuals that have great employment and character history and they will only contribute to the success of your organization.

More Secure & Safe Environment

When you hire individuals that have been thoroughly vetted by a professional private investigation firm. You are automatically lowering the risk of hiring ex-criminals or people with a bad record. This means that you are building a workforce that is safe and secure to be around and will also not harm the company through theft or fraud.

Reduced Turnover

A high turnover is often associated with problematic hirings. When conducting regular background checks on the candidates, you will have more data and information on hand to make better and more stable hiring decisions.

Reduced Workplace Crimes

Are you facing issues with employees that have drug and alcohol abuse issues? It is time you invested in good employee background checks to ensure you hire individuals that have no previous history of substance abuse on their record.

What Information Do You Need to Proceed to a Background Check?

During the interview, it is important you ask for the following information so that a seasoned private investigator can gather the necessary information for you as soon as possible. Here are some details you will need to gather:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Location of birth
  • Employment history
  • Social Security Number
  • Educational history

If you don’t have this information, it is completely fine. A good private investigator can do their research without a lot to go on.

How Can Upstate Private Investigators Help You?

A business may have the misfortune of hiring an individual that joins with the intent of harming the employees and the organization itself. Upstate Private Investigators has been helping organizations in Greenville and Anderson with conducting thorough background checks on potential employees discreetly.

Since we have been doing this for many years, our licenses and trained private investigators are well equipped to keep the investigation discreet. We understand that companies want to keep this exercise as covert as possible and also ensure that we use all the possible sources and some unconventional ones to ensure we have uncovered the complete information for your use.

Are you experiencing a huge turnover due to hiring low-quality employees or are you in the process of hiring an employee for a very high-level position? Contact our experienced private investigator today.



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