Child Custody Cases: GPS Tracking and Private Investigators

Child custody cases are exceptionally brutal. While the rate of divorce cases in the US has declined as of 2019, there are still a considerable amount of child custody battles being fought across the country. It is a trying time for both parents and the children to part with each other.

More often than not, one parent contests to take over the custody or share the custody with another based on grounds of the other one being negligent or unable to take care of the children as you should. This is a tricky situation because you have to prove that your spouse is incapable of taking care of their children on their own.

If you’re in such a situation then taking the help of a Greenville private investigator can help you gather the necessary proof to establish that your spouse cannot take care of your kids alone.

What Is GPS Tracking and How Does It Work?

Using an experienced private investigator to utilize GPS tracking for your investigation can prove to be of some help. GPS is short for Global Positioning System. This system has a network of satellites positioned around the Earth and can pick up a device’s location if the supporting software is turned on for the said device.

GPS tracking can help you keep track of your spouse’s whereabouts and how much time they spend at a location. This can help you establish a pattern of behavior as proof for the court during a child custody case. For example, your spouse may be leaving your kids at home and spending time at a bar or a friend’s place on a regular basis. Or, they might forget to pick your kids up from school on time regularly. All of this constitutes a pattern that can prove negligence on part of your spouse and can help you win your kid’s custody during the trial.

How Is GPS Limited?

GPS tracking can prove valuable in gathering evidence in a child custody case. But, the technology in itself has some limitations that you have to be wary of. You need to make sure that you hire a professional private investigator in Greenville, that has the equipment and the experience required to operate it properly. You also need to make sure that this person or firm knows the laws and regulations that govern the usage of evidence gathered through these techniques during a court case.

If the equipment is used incorrectly and gathered in the wrong way then the very same evidence can backfire and impact your case negatively. So, when you engage a private investigator and they suggest using GPS tracking for your case and don’t discuss the laws and regulations around using this equipment to gather evidence, they are probably not the right firm to work with.

What Are the Laws Governing GPS Tracking in Greenville, South Carolina?

According to South Carolina State Law, the owner of the vehicle must be aware of the placement of the tracking device. If someone is giving you any advice to do tracking without the owner’s knowledge, this advice can ruin your case. But let’s say you share the ownership of the vehicle with your spouse and want to track your child’s whereabouts for safety, you can have a device installed without the spouse’s knowledge.

Is This Solution to Child Custody Cases Cost-Effective and Reliable?

As far as cost-effectiveness is concerned, it is certainly cheaper than having a private investigator follow the subject around in their own vehicle to track whereabouts and movements. If you need more details about what the subject is doing on these locations then you will need the private investigator to carry out some direct observations.

We recommend the usage of only the most reliable GPS trackers that use cellular networks to relay data to high-end software and have been tested for hours of usage and no failure before. This ensures that the method is reliable.

Hire Upstate Private Investigators to Help

Child custody cases are a high priority for us because we know the sensitivity of the situation that surrounds these cases. There are kids involved and our goal is to get in and gather the evidence you need without involving the kids in the investigation in any way.

We have skilled private investigators that have been dealing with these cases for years in Greenville. Our team will sit down with you and analyze the situation and then suggest the best techniques to gather evidence for you. Hiring a skilled private investigation team should be your priority to ensure you stay within the realm of the law and gather the evidence needed to win your case.

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