How Can Pre-Marital Background Save You From a Future Divorce?

Did you know that almost half the marriages in the US end up in a divorce? Of course, there are multiple reasons for this. But, more often than not, this happens because of something the two spouses never knew about each other or were intentionally hiding from before they were married.

This situation can so easily be avoided when you go into a marriage knowing everything about your spouse. This is why a pre-marital background check is so important for you. You should hire an experienced Greenville private investigator with the expertise to run pre-marital background checks if you’re about to be married soon.

What Is a Pre-Marital Background Check?

A pre-marital background check is carried out by private investigators who will check certain aspects of your spouse’s past life and report on it. They will sit down with you to understand your exact requirements and then execute the investigation accordingly.

Why Do You Need a Pre-Marital Background Check?

The first and foremost reason is to get rid of any doubts that you may have about your spouse. Doubts can ruin a relationship later on as they snowball into misconceptions and false beliefs. You need to be absolutely sure of your partner and an investigation to clear your doubts can help prove beneficial.

Is there something you are particularly suspicious or curious about and not getting a satisfactory answer from your spouse? This curiosity can lead to problems later on so it is best that you hire a good Greenville private investigator to clear your doubts.

What Can a Pre-Marital Background Check Tell You About Your Spouse?

When you decide to marry someone and spend the rest of your life with them, love and emotions play a huge role. But so does the security of your future and knowing that you’ve chosen the right partner. To make sure you are not making a mistake in marrying the person, a pre-marital background check can shed light on the following aspects of your finance’s life:

Criminal Record (If any)

You most definitely do not want to marry a past criminal or someone that hides such a past from you. Diving into the criminal history of your spouse may take time but it is worthwhile. A good private investigator has ties that can give you access to convictions, records of arrests, and public court record information.

Identity Check

Nowadays, identity theft is pretty common and easily achievable. Is your spouse who they say they are or are they hiding something from you? There is this aspect and then you also need to check if they have been victims of identity theft because that can have an impact on your shared life later on.

Social Media Presence and Usage

The way a person portrays themselves on social media says a lot about who they are and who they aren’t in real life. You only have access to the current social media accounts of your spouse but a good investigator can uncover old and deactivated accounts as well.

You can also get a good idea about your spouse’s personality through their friends’ accounts and pictures etc.

Relationship Status

You do not want to be the third wheel in any situation. You want to be sure your spouse hasn’t covered up a past or current marriage from you or learn that they have kids from another relationship that you don’t know about.

Records regarding marriages and divorces are pretty easily available to good Greenville private investigators and they can shed light on the nature of these relationships as well.

Financial Records

When you share your life with someone, you share every aspect including your financial status and plans. You should know about your spouse’s financial depth and assets clearly and if you think they are hiding something, it’s time to run a check and find out. You can uncover their tax information and also know if they’ve ever declared bankruptcy in the past. You deserve to know this information before you tie the knot.

How Can Upstate Private Investigators Help You?

Upstate Private Investigators has been operating in the Greenville, South Carolina state for years now. We deal with pre-marital background checks for our clients on a frequent basis. Our goal is to use our most experienced private investigators to run a thorough background check for you so that you go into a new relationship with peace of mind. We are professional and discreet and will sit down with you to discuss your needs and concerns before launching our investigation.

Do you think your finance is hiding something from you? Contact us.



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