Insurance Fraud and the Private Investigator Route

Fraud, in general, is categorized as intentionally behaving to mislead others. Did you know that the USA’s total cost of insurance fraud is approximately $40 billion/year? That’s crazy, right? But, it’s true. And employees make a huge chunk of it as they may put up false insurance claims to get compensation for injuries and losses that they may never have incurred.

In this case, an investigation into such claims can uncover other kinds of supporting evidence, like employees involved in false claims and genuine claims that went unpaid by the insurance company.

If you’re a company in South Carolina that suspects being a victim of insurance fraud, then you can benefit from hiring a private investigation firm like Upstate Private Investigators. A licensed firm can use different procedures and techniques to uncover insurance fraud and fraudulent employees.

What Are Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Claims?

Worker’s compensation laws allow employees to claim compensation for losses that are incurred at the workplace or as a result of them doing their jobs. Many employees indulge in false claims to get compensation from their employers. These false claims can pass the eyes of the accounts and the HR department and cause monetary loss to your organization. It is important you audit such behaviors and get help from a private investigation firm to prevent these losses.

How Do Private Investigators Uncover Insurance Fraud?

Here are some steps that can be taken by a private investigator to prevent losses from insurance fraud:

Go Undercover

A private investigation firm can go undercover and act as a company appointment security manager. The goal is to identify the loopholes in your policy and asset protection and help you proactively deter fraudulent insurance claims and theft.

A Loss Prevention Audit

Private Investigators audit each department to determine if there are any security lapses and process loopholes that may lead to false insurance claims and theft. We will then put the required security control methods and procedures in place to ensure loss prevention.

Set Up Toll-Free Numbers

Always encourage your employees to speak up and report any fraudulent instances. In this regard, setting up toll-free lines for your employees where they can report such instances. The calls will be picked up by professionals who will onboard your employees and give them the assets needed to understand the purpose. This will create a healthy environment for the employees and deter unwanted behavior.

Use Surveillance

If you have a specific employee or a group of employees that you think is responsible for insurance fraud, then you can use surveillance methods to keep a track of their activities and extract proof of fraudulent behavior.

Private investigation firms that are licensed to conduct such activities make use of audio, video, and GPS tracking to keep track of any unlawful and fraudulent activities.

Here are some other steps that your private investigator may take to detect fraud:

  • Do a careful and thorough review of insurance documents
  • Do investigative research into the claim
  • Do a background check on the suspected employee
  • Interview the claimant and their associates.

What Will a Private Investigator Need From You?

They need access to crucial information to ensure we cover all aspects of the situation and get you concrete evidence. They may need to conduct in-depth business investigations, surveillance, employee investigations, asset searches, etc.

Your private investigator will do a deep dive into the situation and uncover the guilty parties. If the case is taken into court, we will ensure that you have all the proof necessary to make your case.

How Can Upstate Private Investigators Help?

Upstate Private Investigators have over 25 years of experience in private investigations in South Carolina. We not only uncover insurance fraud but also help your organization put processes and measures in place to deter such behavior in the future. Our extensive security counseling services include:

  • Client protection services
  • Risk, threat, and vulnerability assessment
  • Custom designed security systems
  • Crisis management services
  • Personal protection services

We have a team of licensed private investigators that get the job done quickly and ethically. We are available for you 24/7 in order to ensure the quickest resolution of your problem. Our goal has always been to approach these sensitive matters with utmost attention and care. We understand that these situations can leave a dent in an organization’s reputation and so we maintain the utmost level of discreetness and ensure all your data is safe with us.

If you find yourself questioning certain insurance claims and need an in-depth investigation to uncover insurance fraud, you can hire our expert private investigators and we will take care of the rest for you.



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