Common Reasons for Infidelity and How Your PI Helps You

Infidelity is wrong. Even people that are caught doing it will say so. Still, more than 40% of married couples in the US are plagued by it. Cheating on your spouse is emotionally taxing and it can leave a monetary dent in the form of a divorce as well. Yet, why do people still do it?

You may think that your partner is happy with you, but that might be far from the truth. There are many reasons why a spouse will choose to be with someone else and cheat on you.

If you suspect that your spouse is already cheating, then your best option is to hire a skilled private investigator to gather evidence for you. This evidence will help you confront your spouse and also make your case stronger if you want to take any legal action against them.

But, the best way to prevent infidelity in the marriage is to remove the reasons for it.

Here are some common reasons why people turn towards infidelity:

1. The Inability to Deal With Problems as a Couple

If you two aren’t comfortable enough to deal with your problems together. One of you might find another person who is. Many times, people will say that they found a certain friend or coworker to be more understanding and that was the beginning of an affair.

Open communication and having the ability to be honest with each other can save your relationship.

2. Unmet Needs and Desires

This is perhaps one of the leading causes of infidelity in a marriage. More often than not, one of the partners in a marriage may feel like their needs aren’t being met. Each person has their own needs and desires. If sexual desires and needs aren’t met in a relationship and it is also lacking in other aspects, then a partner may be motivated to look for fulfillment elsewhere.

It is important to discuss each other’s sex drives and maintain a healthy sex life.

3. Distance

Living apart for a long time can increase the mental and physical distance between you two. This can leave one of you wanting more physically and emotionally. This can easily motivate one person to seek emotional and physical fulfillment from a person that’s available.

Long-distance relationships are hard, but it is important to meet in the middle and maintain healthy contact that reminds you of your love for each other.

4. Commitment Issues

Your partner just may not have it in them to commit to a long-term relationship. Such people aren’t capable of long-term loyalty and will end up cheating as a habit. Usually, these people do this because they’re insecure and have the fear that people will leave them, so they do it first.

You can have an open conversation with such a partner and assure them that you are in it for the long run.

5. Feeling Unwanted

You may feel like you are doing everything to make sure your partner feels wanted and loved, but you may be wrong. Our hectic routines can drive us apart and simple things like hugging each other and saying things like “I Love You” often take a backseat. These are small things, but a lack of them may make your partner feel like you are disinterested in them and the relationship.

Make time for each other and for activities that bring you together. Compliment each other as much as you can and let your partner know that you really see them and love them.

Can Infidelity Lead to Divorce?

Yes, infidelity is the leading cause of divorce. It is also a legal ground for filing for divorce. There are people that forgive their partners and continue to be in the marriage for the sake of their children. But, not many people live with a cheating partner.

To prove infidelity, you will need proof that your partner cheated on you. For this purpose, you can hire a private investigator to help you collect the said proof.

How Can Upstate Private Investigators Help Uncover a Cheating Partner?

Upstate Private Investigators has over 25 years of experience with dealing with matrimonial cases. In fact, we have dedicated an entire division of investigators to such cases that involved husbands and wives. We understand that these are sensitive matters so we keep all data discreet and between you and us. We collect concrete evidence through surveillance and other techniques that can also help you in the court of law later on if you choose to file for divorce on the grounds of infidelity.

Do you suspect that your partner is cheating on you? Give us a call and we will investigate the truth for you.



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