The Role of Surveillance in a Child Custody Case

There is no doubt that divorce cases are on the rise and for couples that have kids, they quickly turn into child custody cases. These cases are hard because kids are involved. Needless to say, each parent will quickly get busy proving that the other isn’t capable of taking care of their children.

In such cases, evidence that can prove that one parent isn’t capable of childcare will obviously benefit the other. This is where a private investigation firm in Greenville can help with surveillance services.

What Is Surveillance and What Does it Cover?

It is a very wide term but covers closely observing an individual and their activities. This may involve taking pictures and recording video and audio evidence. This evidence can prove vital in a child custody case.

What Are Kinds of Surveillance Are Useful for a Child Custody Case?

Our Greenville private investigators can use many types of surveillance in a child custody case.


This involves the usage of electronic devices to conduct surveillance. These include radios, TV, video, social media monitoring, and wiretapping phones.


This involves following the suspect around and noting down their activities like the places they visit and the people they meet.


Interviews are used to get information from individuals that are believed to be closely involved in the case like your next-door neighbor or the child’s daycare professionals. The purpose is to get insight into the behavior and other intimate information that might support the case.

How Important is Surveillance Evidence in a Child Custody Case?

Divorce and separation are nasty events and they can bring the worst out of people. One of the main reasons why you chose this path may be because your spouse isn’t a very good parent. Your spouse may become spiteful and try to gain custody of your children just to get back to you by lying in court and proving that you’re not a capable parent.

In these kinds of cases, you must protect your kids and gain custody. A good private investigation firm in Greenville can help you gain evidence that will prove that your spouse is not fit to take care of your children.

Here are some kinds of surveillance that a private investigation firm can handle for you:

1. Covert Surveillance

This is an example of the investigator going undercover so your spouse won’t know they are being followed or observed. This will help you expose detrimental behavior like drinking out late and not dropping the kids to school etc.

2. Stationary Surveillance

This is conducted, staying in one place, and can be a good option to collect evidence while your spouse is in the house.

3. Mobile Surveillance

This can allow you to collect evidence of where your spouse goes, their routine, and the kinds of people they meet. You can show things like your spouse forgot to pick the kids from school on time and etc. This evidence can help you make a good case against an irresponsible ex.

How Can a Private Investigator Help?

Private investigators are trained to stay discreet during these operations, and they have the equipment required to collect evidence that you will be able to present in court. Going through a child custody case can be traumatizing for you and most of all, it’s hurting for the kids as well.

At Upstate Private Investigators, we are especially aware of kids being involved and we are empathetic towards this fact. We try to be as discreet as possible during the investigation and protect the kids from all kinds of involvement and exposure.

Once you decide to hire us, we will sit down with you and hear you out. We will understand your unique case and circumstances. This helps us develop a robust plan of action and lets us understand the depth of surveillance needed and what techniques we need to use to get the evidence that will support your case.

The next step is to conduct a background check on the individual and the place that needs to be under surveillance. This will need some time to run checks on and collect information on the person’s name, photos, aliases, any witnesses that may reside nearby that might be useful during an interview. We will conduct a survey of the area as well.

These steps allow us to do a risk analysis and determine the success rate of the mission. The final step is to deploy our plan of action and deliver the evidence once we are done with the investigation.

Trust us to get you the evidence you need to get custody of your child. Contact us to discuss your case today.



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