Why Would I Want to Run a Criminal Background Check on My Employees?

Some business owners don’t see the purpose of doing criminal background checks on their employees. It feels like an invasion of privacy. That’s why most small to medium businesses don’t bother. Not only does it feel imposing or rude to ask an employee to submit a background check, but it also costs money. A lot of business owners don’t realize what an investment it can be to have background checks done. If something happens down the road, you will be glad to have this information.

For example, if you own a clothing store and you start to notice that the cash registers are coming up light, you’ll need to get to the bottom of it. If your background checks show that a particular employee has a prior conviction for theft, you will at least know where to start looking. Greenville private investigators know how to read a criminal record and they can help you investigate the theft in your store.

Some Employers Run a Background Check on All New Employees

Nowadays, most companies run some sort of background check on their employees. They may run a criminal background check or credit report. It all depends on the kind of company you own. It will also depend on the type of work an employee is going to do. Rather than risk being accused of profiling your staff when it comes to criminal background checks, you should just do it across the board. Your Greenville private investigator to review all the background checks you’ve received and see if anything stands out.

If You Work in Retail, Your Cashiers Deal with Cash

Anybody who owns and operates a retail store must have cash on hand. Usually, it can be found in your safe. At times, it is in your cashier’s drawers. If you start to notice that a certain employee’s county comes back short repeatedly, it may be time to get a background check. Had you already done this upfront, you wouldn’t have to wait to get the information you need.

It’s also important to run these checks sporadically through your staff’s tenure with your company. Just because you ran a background check two years ago and it came back clean, that doesn’t mean it still is. Your Greenville private investigator can help you get annual background checks for your employees.

What Kind of Information Shows Up on a Background Report?

A standard criminal background check is going to provide you with some basic information about your employees’ pasts. Some of the information included in this report includes:

  • Any arrests whether they were convicted or not
  • Convictions for crimes such as theft, fraud, etc.
  • Whether they served probation
  • Aliases they have used in the past

This information can help you decide whether you want to hire a candidate or not. Typically, a human resources manager will give all candidates an application for employment. This application will ask if they’ve ever been convicted of a crime. If they lie and say they have not and your background check proves otherwise, you may not want to bring them on board.

What Can You Do With the Information You Receive?

A lot of employers aren’t sure what they should do with the information on the background report. Most of them put them away in their employees’ personnel file. If you’ve already hired the person, that may be what you should do at first. However, if you start to suspect any of your staff of stealing or carrying out any illegal activities, you should check to see if they’ve been convicted of this kind of stuff before.

Talk to a Greenville Private Investigator to Get Started

If you think it’s time to start running background checks on your staff, it’s a good idea to talk to a Greenville private investigator. Not only can they refer you to somebody to run the background checks for you, but they can also interpret them. If they see anything of concern, they’ll let you know. They can also do further research if necessary.

Regardless of what type of business you run, there’s always the risk that an unsavory employee may want to steal from you. Or they may try to run a criminal enterprise out of your establishment. This is the kind of stuff that can get you shut down. Rather than worry about this, let one of our Greenville private investigators help. All you have to do is call and set up an appointment to meet with one of our skilled investigators.



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