Can a Private Investigator in Greenville Help With Terminating Alimony?

It can be really frustrating to pay a huge amount of alimony to someone who doesn’t need it. When the court orders you to pay spousal support, you don’t have much say in the matter. They make their decision based on information supplied to them by both parties. You may have learned more information about your ex since your divorce was final. This may spark you to want to call a Greenville private investigator.

For example, you may know that your ex is working somewhere for cash. This income wasn’t reported to the court during the divorce proceedings. If the court learns that your ex lied about their income, they’ll likely grant your motion for a reduction in spousal support.

The same thing is true if you can prove that they’re living with someone. The court will terminate alimony if they find out that your ex is living with a romantic partner. The presumption is that they don’t need your spousal support if they have a new significant other paying half of the household bills.

What Do You Need to Prove to Get Your Alimony Terminated?

In order to get the judge to reduce or terminate your spousal support, you have to prove that your ex does not need the money. Two of the most common reasons for ending alimony are that your ex has more income than they did at the time of the divorce, or that they are living with a romantic partner. The best way to get the proof you need is to hire an experienced private investigator in Greenville.

You Need Proof That They’re Hiding Income

In order to get your alimony reduced or terminated, you’ll have to prove that they’re earning more than they said they were. For example, your ex may have a second job that they didn’t disclose. Or they could have money from some other source that they hid from you while you were still married.

Anything you can do to show that they don’t need the money you pay each month to survive will help in your case. When you file your motion to reduce spousal support, you can attach the proof from your private investigator in Greenville.

How Can a Greenville Private Investigator Help?

Once you hire your Greenville private investigator, they’ll start collecting evidence to help your case. They may have to follow your ex to see where they spend the majority of their time. They may need to stake out their house and see if they’re living with a significant other. If they are, the investigator can take pictures or a video of them going in and out of the house.

They can also look to see if they’re making more money than they told the court. They can prove this if they see them working at a job they haven’t reported to the court or the IRS. For example, they may be working as a bartender somewhere under the table. Your investigator can talk to the bar’s owner and confirm that your ex does indeed work there.

Your private investigator in Greenville has been doing this long enough that they won’t have any trouble getting the evidence you need as long as it’s there. They can’t fabricate evidence. If your ex isn’t cohabitating with another person, they can’t make it look like they are. You want to make sure you can use whatever evidence they provide and use it in court. If it’s not authentic, it won’t do you any good.

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If you have a feeling your ex is living with somebody or hiding income, it must be frustrating. You know that, in order to get your alimony terminated or reduced, you need substantial proof that they’re living with somebody else or making a lot more money than they claim to be making. An experienced Greenville private investigator can help get the proof that you need. They have years of experience dealing with cases just like yours. They know all the tricks and have all the necessary equipment.

Call our office and set up a date and time to come into our office. Take advantage of your free consultation. Let one of our investigators get the proof you need to take the matter to court. Our private investigators can do the legwork to get you the information you need while you focus on the rest of your life.



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