What is a Non-Invasive Electronic Investigation

If you are curious about the ongoings of another person, do you might start by looking at how you spend your day. How many hours do you spend on an electronic device? How much of your personal information is available on that electronic device? What about the information that you put out on the internet? A lot of electronic information is publicly accessible and not protected.

This is where many mess up when trying to hide secrets or unsavory activity. From spouse investigation, too presently looking into possible fraud, the electronic investigation has become a part of most of our surveillance tactics. Now, a cursory Google search will tell you that you’ll need to install an app or some sort of software element on to that person’s device. Our expert private investigators work in a way that handles electronic investigation from a variety of perspectives, often not requiring software or an application on the person’s device.

When Would Investigators Use an Electronic Investigation?

If we are looking for a missing person, assisting in a criminal investigation, looking into crimes of vandalism, conducting a fraud investigation, or even investigating a spouse’s faithfulness, we will likely use electronic investigation. Electronic surveillance can involve devices ranging from radios to mobile phones.

Now, we use different devices and different electronic investigation tactics, and depending on the situation. For example, if you were investigating potential fraud or embezzlement, we might carefully track the suspect’s social media, mobile phone use, and additional activity that can be found online. However, if we were to investigator possibly cheating, we might look into utilizing devices such as radios or wiretapping the phone to assess the suspect’s activities.

Should You Ask for Electronic Surveillance in Your Investigation?

You may not actually have to ask for electronic surveillance. Depending on the type of investigation, we may recommend it before you have the opportunity to bring it up. Things such as suspicions of spousal infidelity will often call for electronic surveillance. Additionally, investigations that look into any person’s day-to-day activity will often require electronic surveillance.

Electronic surveillance can happen on an invasive and non-invasive level. There are some restrictions within the law when it comes to intercepting communications. Most of those restrictions apply directly to law enforcement. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act, a great example, was put into place to reel in federal wiretapping and eavesdropping. This is why private investigators can uncover a lot more than officers of the law.

Additionally, most of what we do in surveillance is assessing activity and observing. We’re not intercepting communications or pulling together information with the intent of filing charges. We simply collect information and provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings, and then you are free to take action as you please.

How Will An Investigator Manage My Surveillance Request?

In any single minute, there more than 12 million text messages sent and over two million snaps sent on Snapchat. That is a substantial amount of data, but it is also Prime real estate for electronic surveillance. Social media, text messages, and other types of communication that happen on a mobile device are often where investigators will begin their surveillance. Other elements such as GPS, wiretapping, and the use of additional electronic devices for surveillance will likely come into play as well.

There’s even the possibility of conducting a computer forensics investigation. North digital investigations will include forensic investigation of some sort, and that can happen on computers, electronic cards, cameras, and much more.

Contracting Upstate Private Investigators For Support

Electronic investigation and surveillance is only a small part of what we do at Upstate private investigators. However, it plays a critical role in almost every type of we use various types of electronic investigation in adultery investigations, criminal defense, child custody, fraud or theft operations, GPS tracking, and even premarital background screenings.

If you need an investigator to help uncover information that you just can’t access, then speak with us at Upstate Private Investigators. We’re not sold right here in Greenville, South Carolina, but we help people all across the state. Bring us in to find out exactly what is going on, and we will explain to you the different surveillance or investigative tactics that will use to help solve your problem.



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