Investigators Dig Into Suspicions of Cheating Spouses

It seems as though trust is at an all-time low, and cheating might be sneaking into the majority of relationships across the nation. Now, it’s possible that much of this cheating is happening under the radar on cheating apps, or even just through flirty messages. A survey in the last few years found that 76% of women believed sending flirty messages was, in fact, cheating, but what about the spouses who are carrying on full-fledged affairs or seeking out new partners?

How can you catch a cheater, and is there a strict set of tools that investigators use to prove or disprove a person’s suspicions? It’s possible that you’re somewhat familiar with all of these types of the investigation but actually how to apply them in regard to a spouse. You may want the down and dirty of a spouse’s affair, or to simply know whether or not they’re seeing someone else. Either way, a Greenville private investigator may be just the ticket to finding out whether you have been misreading the situation or if you’ve picked up on some of the tell-tale signs of a cheater.

Following and Tracking

South Carolina has statues against tracking devices on vehicles without the approval of the owner and some authorities. However, there are few rules relating to following a vehicle and assessing the scene during the pursuit.

Surveillance is always a key role in these types of investigations. We may monitor or closely follow your spouse, review or assess their assets, and take charge of monitoring their internet activity. During our surveillance, we’ll be able to take careful notes and assess the spouse’s daily routines, hobbies, friend circles, and who they are spending the most time with. Many are surprised to find that affairs started in their own social circle of friends. At the same time, many other spouses are surprised to learn about secret hobbies.

Digital Investigation

Social media is the most common places for people to have affairs now. They may meet in real life, or not, but the presence of the affair and either physical or emotional cheating is present. Social media is only wone elements of digital investigation. In fact, most of our investigations now require heavy or extensive digital investigation because of the high-quality evidence that is accessible online.

Digital investigation can call for third-party review tactics such as monitoring online activity as well as using spy computer software. A variety of software options and even apps can track internet usage and activity.

After years of looking into cheating spouses, we certainly know the signs of cheating and may be able to shed a bit of light on whether this person is a serial cheater or just wants some alone time.

Presenting Evidence

Most modern-day cheating starts online. About 10% of cheaters are initiating Affairs online, and 40% of online affairs can make their way into real life. These insights give some information into how exactly investigators can find evidence. Digital investigation has become such a large role in infidelity investigations because of the online presence involved in starting the affair.

Evidence might be in the form of messages, location tags on social media posts, questions will deleting of history on social media, and exchanges through online platforms. However, evidence might also be the spouse leaving work at odd hours not returning home when planned and more.

Wo don’t just deliver a huge folder of evidence and say, “here you go.” Instead, we take the time to go through and explain what each piece of evidence could possibly mean. The idea is that GPS tags on social media might indicate a new hobby, or even be part of work. However, you may know better and recognize these locations or behaviors as classic affair red flags.

What Should People Expect from an Infidelity Investigation

All too often, people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to an infidelity investigation. People suspect their spouse is cheating, and they want all of the nitty-gritty details. That’s not usually what happens during an investigation. Typically our investigative staff will use surveillance, digital investigation, and identify anything that might be evidence. Then we bring that evidence to you in a report, and you can make your own conclusions.

As qualified and experienced private investigators, Upstate Investigators take pride in providing valuable and accurate information. We deliver evidence that we find during our investigation without any personal view or opinion. Our goal is to give you all of the information you need to understand whatever situation might be going on. Contact our offices to initiate an investigation today.



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