A Private Investigator Can Locate Hidden Assets During a Divorce

Hiding assets is unfortunately a common tactic in many divorce cases. This can leave the other spouse empty-handed and struggling financially. Trying to uncover these hidden assets on your own is tricky and could hurt your case in court. That’s why you should hire an Anderson private investigator to trace cash and other valuable assets during a divorce.

A Private Investigator Can Uncover Hidden Assets

There are many ways spouses hide assets in divorce cases, from simply transferring assets to family members or friends, to creating fake debts or expenses, to underreporting income on tax returns. Some spouses may also stash cash in safe deposit boxes or offshore bank accounts.

Your soon-to-be ex may try to conceal expensive items such as artwork and jewelry by temporarily giving them away or placing them with acquaintances until the divorce proceedings are over. They might even purchase high-value items like cars and boats after filing for divorce but before the court divides marital property.

Hiding assets often involves complex financial transactions and paperwork, and the signs can be hard to spot. An experienced Anderson private investigator is trained to uncover hidden cash, property, and valuables. A PI has access to resources that the average person does not, including databases of public records and financial information.

Furthermore, experienced investigators know how to follow the trail of money and possessions without tipping off the individual hiding them. They are equipped with specialized tools and techniques such as forensic accounting which allows them to trace transfers of funds both domestically and abroad.

Searching for Proof on Your Own May Be Illegal

Attempting to access private financial records or hacking into personal accounts can have serious legal consequences. Even if you believe your spouse is hiding assets, taking these actions without proper authorization can severely harm your case.

Additionally, even if you do find evidence that your spouse is concealing assets on your own, it may not hold up as admissible evidence in court due to how it was obtained. It’s best to leave the investigation process to a licensed private investigator.

a private investigator can track hidden assets.

The PI’s Report Can Be Used as Evidence in Divorce Court

If you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets during a divorce, it can be challenging to prove it in court. However, if you hire an Anderson private investigator, they can help gather evidence and provide a report that may be admissible in court.

The PI’s report will typically include documentation of all the assets they found during their investigation. This could include bank statements, property records, and other financial documents. The report may also detail any suspicious transactions or transfers of funds.

Having this information documented by a professional private investigator can make all the difference when it comes to convincing the judge that your spouse is hiding assets.

The PI Can Testify in Court if Necessary

Having a professional PI as a witness can add credibility and weight to your case. They will be able to present evidence that they have gathered during their investigation into hidden assets. This could include bank statements or other financial records that show that certain assets exist but have not been disclosed by the other party.

It’s important to note that simply hiring a PI does not guarantee success in court. However, having them testify on your behalf may help you achieve a more favorable outcome than if you were relying solely on your own evidence and testimony.

Let an Experienced Anderson Private Investigator Help You Get a Fair Divorce Settlement!

If you’re going through a divorce and suspect that your spouse is hiding assets, it’s important to take action. However, attempting to search for hidden assets on your own could be illegal and may even harm your case in court.

A licensed investigator can use their expertise and resources to trace cash, assets, and valuables that your spouse might be trying to hide during the divorce proceedings. Once they’ve gathered evidence, their report can be used as evidence in court or presented during negotiations with opposing counsel.

Ultimately, hiring an Anderson PI at Upstate Private Investigators is one of the most effective ways to get a fair divorce settlement. With their help, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that all potentially hidden assets are accounted for and considered when determining how property should be divided.

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