Can a Spartanburg Private Investigator Help You Conduct Criminal Background Checks on Prospective and Current Employees?

Years ago, companies didn’t think twice about hiring someone without running a criminal background check. People assumed that, if someone committed a serious enough crime, they’d be in prison. They wouldn’t be out roaming the streets and looking for a job. Or they assumed they already paid their debt to society and deserved a second lease on life.

Today, so many business relationships are based on trust and fiduciary duties, people are afraid to hire someone with a criminal past. For example, if someone applies to work for a bank, they’ll have access to thousands or even millions of dollars. Today, money can be transferred within seconds simply by clicking a button on a computer. Knowing this, employers don’t want someone working for them who has been convicted of theft or fraud in the past.

It’s important to note, however, that it isn’t only banks that take these sorts of precautions. Just about every industry performs criminal background checks today. Their very survival depends on employing people who are trustworthy and of good character. The problem is that a lot of companies don’t know where to turn when it comes to running these background checks. That’s when it’s time to call and talk to an experienced private investigator in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Almost All Employers in South Carolina Run Some Sort of Background Check Before Hiring Somebody

If you know someone who done serious jail or prison time for a crime they committed, you probably know how hard it is for them to find a job. Some convicts go months or even years before they can find someone willing to hire them. They either lie on their application, praying that the company doesn’t actually follow through with doing the criminal background check. Or they may find a job where they know somebody and are upfront and honest about their background. For the most part, however, almost every company wants to know a little bit about an applicant’s criminal history before they even entertain the idea of hiring them.

It’s not always that a company will refuse to hire someone with a criminal background. Some companies simply prohibit these candidates from working in certain departments. For example, a company may hire an ex-felon to work in their warehouse but would never let them work in the finance office. Other companies have a strict no-tolerance policy. Once they see that someone has a criminal background, they simply don’t get back in touch with them. They do this to protect their company. Rarely is it ever a personal decision. They can’t afford for their clients to find out that they hire people that aren’t trustworthy. Or they may fear that the potential employee will rob them blind.

What Sort of Things are Red Flags on a Criminal Background Report?

The hardest part about reviewing someone’s criminal background report is knowing what to look for. A lot of employers or business owners don’t understand these reports. They may think that, because somebody doesn’t have any convictions on their record, they’re squeaky clean. They don’t realize that simply being charged with a crime can be a problem. The private investigators in Spartanburg understand exactly what to look for. They know what the red flags are and will identify these candidates to their clients.

Spartanburg private investigators understand how to read these reports because they’ve been doing it for years or even decades. They know to look for the following things when determining whether a candidate is worth hiring:

  • A candidate was charged with a serious felony but plead to a lesser offense
  • An applicant served more than a year probation for a crime but never went to jail
  • The individual had a juvenile record that has been sealed or expunged
  • The person has pending charges that have not resulted in a conviction yet
  • The candidate has arranged for a conditional discharge which means, as long as they don’t in trouble again, the crime will not appear on their record

South Carolina private investigators know how to dig this sort of information up. This is why they’re an invaluable tool for employers all over the country.

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