How Important is it that Your Greenville Company Run A Criminal Background Check on Employees?

For some reason, a lot of people think it’s illegal for a prospective employer to run a criminal background check. The same thing goes for current employees. They don’t think it’s fair that a company could decide not to hire them simply because they have a criminal record. The truth is that companies can run a background check on both prospective and current employees. Many of them hire Greenville private investigators to do that for them.

Not only are they allowed to do this, but for certain jobs, they’re required to do so. They have an obligation to their stakeholders and clients to ensure they don’t hire criminals. Sometimes they’re afraid that an employee with a conviction for assault could be dangerous. Or they worry that someone who has been convicted of theft will steal from the company or their clients.

The good news is that you don’t have to do these criminal background checks yourself. Most employers aren’t sure how to go about doing this. Even if they do, it can cost a lot of money to do this. Rather than go through all this worry, call and talk to a private investigator in Greenville, South Carolina. They can do all the hard work for you. This way, you can trust that you only hire people that you and the rest of your staff feel comfortable around.

If Your Employees Handle Cash, You Want to Make Sure They Haven’t Been Arrested for Theft Before

If you run a retail shop or any business that deals in cash, you want to protect yourself. If you hire someone who has been charged with or convicted of fraud or theft, you need to be careful. You may still choose to hire them. That’s your prerogative. However, it’s a good idea to give them a position in a department that doesn’t handle customer’s money.

It’s not just cash that you need to worry about. If someone’s criminal background check comes back with a fraud conviction, you need to worry about security. This includes security at your business. It also involves protecting your customers. You shouldn’t let someone like this handle credit cards or bank information. The last thing you need is an employee stealing credit card information and committing further fraud.

Your Clients May Not Want People with a Criminal Record Handling their Accounts

Sometimes, it’s not about what you want. You may have no problem hiring people with a criminal record. Perhaps someone’s criminal background check comes back with a conviction from ten (10) years ago. You may want to give them a chance. After all, if they’ve gone that long without getting into any more trouble, they may have changed. However, that doesn’t mean your clients want criminals handling their accounts and information.

One thing you could do is hire a Greenville private investigator to run criminal background checks on your staff. Once you get the results, you can keep the records on hand. This way, if a client asks for this information, you can provide it to them.

It’s Important to Protect Your Company from Theft and Embezzlement

A lot of business owners don’t think any of their employees would ever steal from them. The thought of one of your long-term employees embezzling from your company never crossed your mind. Greenville private investigators have a lot of clients who think that way. That is until it happens to them. When somebody you thought you could trust breaches your trust, it can be devastating. It will also cost your company time and money. Rather than let this happen, get the criminal background checks done now. All you have to do is call a private investigator in Greenville and they can take of this for you.

Contact a Private Investigator in Greenville, South Carolina

You may have never needed a private investigator in Greenville before. That’s okay. As your business grows, you need to protect your investment. You owe it to yourself to make sure you only hire trustworthy employees. It’s also important that you protect your clients. Call an experienced private investigator today and schedule a free consultation. They can find out what your company needs done and give you an idea of what it’ll cost. You’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to protect. There’s too much at stake to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.



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