Infidelity Cases in Greenville: How a Private Investigator Can Help

A Greenville private investigator knows that doubt about your spouse’s fidelity is one of the worst feelings. You realize that something has changed in their attitude towards you. And you may even suspect who is the person they are cheating you with. But, when it comes to proving infidelity cases in Greenville divorce court, you need evidence.

And not just any kind of evidence, but only legally obtained proof of infidelity. This is where an experienced PI is an invaluable ally in your quest for truth. Here are a few things the investigator can do for you.

Getting Information from the Involved Parties 

A private investigator can be extremely effective in getting people to talk and confess infidelity. They are not known to any of the people involved. They know how to create a believable profile for initiating acquaintance with someone and gaining their trust.

By contrast, if you try to tamper with your spouse’s phone to record their conversation with a third party, you are guilty of the crime of eavesdropping. In South Carolina, at least one of the parties to the conversation must agree to its recording.

Ensuring Discretion During the Investigation

Finding that your partner or spouse is cheating on you is an incredibly sensitive situation. You don’t want to become your neighbors’ topic of discussion over coffee. You don’t want their false pity.

And this is why you need to work with a Greenville private investigator. Professional PIs know that discretion is paramount in their work. They know how to look for records and ask questions without raising suspicions.

They know how to blend with the crowd and protect the evidence they obtain. Only you will get to see and hear the proofs of your spouse’s infidelity they have obtained.

do not spy on your partner if you suspect cheating

Obtaining Hard Evidence Which Can Be Used in Court

In most of the cases, infidelity cases in Greenville end up in divorce court. With proper evidence, you can obtain a fair splitting of marital assets and avoid having to pay spousal support.

But your words are not enough. Nor are photos, videos, and audio recordings obtained unlawfully, by spying on your spouse. Instead, you need the evidence collected by a PI in a manner that complies with all the laws in South Carolina related to privacy and data protection.

Tracking Asset Hiding and Dissipation of Marital Property

Many cases of infidelity are proven through forensic accounting. People who are cheating on their spouses often prepare for a new life with their new partner. They start transferring assets or buying real estate properties abroad.

They make expensive gifts in objects or even cash to the person they are cheating with. A specialized accountant can track all these actions and transactions, showing exactly where your hard-earned money is being siphoned out of your joint account.

This is extremely powerful evidence, which a divorce judge will treat extremely seriously.

Helping You Get Full Custody of Your Children

When children are involved in an infidelity case, proving a lack of fidelity is also a powerful weapon in the custody battle. Courts will consider the children’s best interests. While a new romantic interest per se is not a valid argument to deny custody, the existence of an affair that led to the breakdown of the marriage is a different matter.

The court will consider the emotional trauma inflicted on the children or even their potential exposure to dangerous or immoral situations.

A Greenville Private Investigator Help Can Obtain Proof of Infidelity

Living in doubt is worse than knowing the unsavory truth about your spouse. And a Greenville private investigator can help you find out this truth discreetly and legally. It is up to you what you do with the information, but you can be certain that it is admissible in court if you file for divorce.

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