Background Checks for Businesses in Anderson: What You Need to Know

You rely on your HR department to pen a relevant and comprehensive job ad and select the most adequate applicants. The usual due diligence in recruiting should not stop at checking experience, skills, and educational background. You also need an Anderson private investigator to perform thorough background checks on people you want to hire.

After all, the success and reputation of your business depend directly on your employees. And this goes beyond their professionalism. It also means their character, their history of potential clashes with the law, and the way they conducted themselves in similar positions working for other employers.

Here are the most important types of background checks a PI can conduct for businesses in Anderson, South Carolina.

1. Criminal Record Check

People with a criminal record may have had a singular lapse in judgment. Or there may be an unnerving pattern of breaking the law, which could expose your business to reputation loss and other liabilities.

Or, you may need to hire a person in a capacity that involves driving, and they have a DUI conviction in another state, making them ineligible for the position. A private investigator can uncover instances of criminal charges and convictions. 

This will help you avoid major pitfalls in hiring people who may cause irreparable damage to your business.

2. Civil History Check

The civil history check covers all the civil cases in which a potential employee was either a plaintiff or a defendant. These cases include:

  • Personal injury lawsuits
  • Workers compensation claims and appeals
  • Premises liability lawsuits.

This type of check may uncover aspects that raise red flags, such as a long history of filing workers comp claims or being named as a defendant in cases involving negligence leading to injuries to others.

a PI can check the information in an applicant's resume

3. Resume Verification Checks

Your human resources team will do their best to check the most relevant aspects of a resume, such as the existence of professional licenses or the letter of recommendation from the last job they had.

But you would be surprised how many inaccuracies or outright lies exist in resumes. An Anderson private investigator often encounters instances of:

  • Exaggerating the responsibilities and the job duties in another position
  • Lying about working for a company 
  • Inaccurate academic record
  • Expired professional licenses presented as still valid.

Even an inaccuracy that may appear unimportant should raise a red flag. After all, if someone is willing to lie to you to get the job, can you trust them with company money, trade secrets, and other proprietary information?

4. Drug Screening 

Private investigators can help companies enrolled in the Drug-Free Workplace program. They can help you set up a random drug testing schedule and perform checks on future hires to see if they were ever charged with possessing or using controlled substances.

PIs can even conduct K9 searches of your premises to identify illicit substances that your employees may bring to the workplace without your knowledge. This is extremely helpful in preventing complex legal problems that may arise at any moment.

5. Additional Identity Checks

Private investigators often go beyond the facts presented by a candidate in a resume, even when it comes to their identity. A PI can identify aliases and false names under which the person lived in another state. This will help uncover a completely separate criminal history and other details that would make the person untrustworthy in any position in your company.

Hire an Anderson Private Investigator for Recruiting Background Checks!

Your company needs employees who can increase its value, brand image, and success – not people who may create expensive liabilities. This is why you should rely on an experienced Anderson private investigator to conduct background checks as part of the hiring process.

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