Impact of the Increasing Number of Domestic Violence Cases on Private Investigators

Domestic violence cases are no exception. Private investigators in Greenville, SC handle a wide range of cases, from investigating missing persons to tracking down insurance fraud. In most cases, Discreet Investigators are called in to assist in domestic violence cases. This is large because prosecutors often find it challenging to argue their cases in court.

Private investigators handle domestic violence cases because they typically involve family members who abuse each other. Therefore, the prosecutors are not able to collect evidence to prove the abuse in court. Domestic abuse cases are typical of an investigation handled by private investigators.

In addition, there has been an increase in the number and severity of cases due to the ongoing pandemic. With lockdown and social distance, the situation has radically altered. Private detectives have thus become important in tracking down perpetrators of domestic violence. To get a better perspective on the situation, let us learn about the role they play in these cases.

According to SLED, a person must be at least 21 years of age to obtain a private investigator’s license in South Carolina.

Do Domestic Violence Cases Require the Hire of Private Investigators in Greenville, SC?

A private investigator can establish whether or not abuse has been occurring. The abused person can also seek help from a detective about the situation if they know they are being abused. In most cases, the abused person has a desire to end the relationship but has no idea how to do so.

A relationship involving children is more likely to end. Private investigators from Discreet Investigations can provide them with the admissible evidence necessary to defend themselves. Many law firms also hire private investigators to collect evidence to be used in court during the legal process to investigate elder abuse, domestic violence, and child abuse. Private investigators are also hired by loving parents to investigate the issue of elder abuse, domestic violence, and child abuse.

What Is the Role of a Private Investigator in Domestic Violence Cases?

Private investigators in Greenville, SC usually collect evidence to prove abuse claims made by the victim or the victim’s attorney. Typically, the P.I’s are retained to collate any available evidence in order to make their case against the aggrieved or their attorney. On the other hand, there are also instances in which the defendant reaches out to the private investigators at Discreet Investigations Greenville and they gather evidence that helps exonerate the defendant’s name.

A common methodology and approach are followed by such investigators in a majority of their cases. After hiring a detective, the private investigator may set up hidden cameras for surveillance, record conversations, or collect data.

Moreover, private detectives can help victims determine whether the accused is using any surveillance devices for harassment. The evidence gathered by these detectives, if admissible, is often provided to law enforcement or prosecutors to strengthen a case.

There Has Been An Increase In Domestic Violence:

Government policies have been formulated regarding distancing from social situations and lockdowns. With the ongoing pandemic, many employers have also begun offering work-from-home options. Taking these measures can help control the virus, but it is also a good thing to spend more time at home. In addition to job loss, wage losses, or job changes as a result of the pandemic, domestic violence increased as a result as well. One of the reasons for the rise in domestic violence is that people tend to drink more alcohol at home.

Clinical Medicine published a study that showed domestic violence cases had increased by 300% while the number of domestic violence-related deaths had increased steadily as well. Compared with the previous year, the number of domestic violence cases this year has exceeded that of the previous year, proving how prevalent the pandemic has been on domestic violence.

Lately, the magnitude of damages suffered by victims has also spiked. According to a study published in Radiology, the organs and viscera that sustain damage as a result of domestic violence have become damaged more so today. A pattern of these injuries indicates abuse at high risk. The sharp rise in these injuries confirms the dangers facing domestic violence victims as a result of the pandemic.

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