Corporate Investigation: 5 Reasons to Hire a PI

A corporate investigation isn’t a frequent practice in the workplace but sometimes, it’s a necessary step that must be taken to ensure the safety of the company and its assets. Company owners are responsible for everything that goes on in their company. However, it can be quite difficult to keep your eyes and ears on everything that happens within an organization.

Situations such as a data breach or suspicion of fraud from a certain group of employees can warrant a corporate investigation. For this purpose, your best option is to contact a private investigator in Greenville to look into your company’s operations from a fresh pair of eyes.

Reasons to Launch a Corporate Investigation in Your Company

Here are some of the common reasons businesses hire a private investigator.

1. Embezzlement

Embezzlement simply means transferring the company’s funds to another location without informing the relevant authority and doing it for personal gain. Employees involved in this act usually cover up the company numbers and present a false picture of the accounts.

If you suspect that the books have some discrepancies and fraudulent employees might be involved in skimming off your funds from the top, it’s time to contact a private investigator for a company investigation.

2. Theft

On average, employee theft costs US businesses over $50 billion yearly. It is also one of the main reasons why US-based companies file for bankruptcy.

If you think that an employee, a vendor, or a partner is stealing from the company, you need to look into the matter immediately before you suffer a loss you cannot recover from.

Any evidence you may have collected or have that points towards employee theft should be safeguarded and shared with your private investigation firm.

This will help them devise a plan of attack to identify the thief during their corporate investigation.

3. Money Laundering

Money laundering is a dangerous business and it can make your business crumble from the inside. If you have proof or suspect that a partner, employee, or an associated business is involved in a money-laundering scheme, it is time to put an end to this.

Hire a professional Greenville private investigator to run a corporate investigation and gather proof of money laundering before you take the right steps to mitigate the losses. An experienced investigator will help you analyze your books and see if any corrupt activities have taken place.

4. Abuse and Harassment

A workplace’s topmost priority is to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for the workforce. Verbal abuse, sexual harassment and assault, and silent advances should never occur in a workplace.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t occur though, unreported abuse and harassment cases are rampant in a workplace and they can corrode the very foundation of the organization and become a reason for your most star employees to leave you.

If you’ve noticed or heard of any such behavior, it is important that you launch a private investigation into the matter and gather evidence before making an accusation and dolling out penalties to the perpetrators.

5. Discrimination

Every company is responsible for safeguarding their employees’ self-respect. Discrimination based on age, gender, disability, race, and ethnicity is prohibited in the workplace but sadly, it still happens.

HR often struggles with such cases. The main reason is that proving such behaviors requires evidence and proof which is not always that easily accessible. A private investigator can help the situation by going covert and identifying such behaviors to help your HR team.

It is very important that such behavior is stopped immediately before it spreads too much toxicity in the workplace.

A corporate investigation will allow you to gather the evidence and narrow in on the root cause of the problem. It will also allow you to create a plan to help curb such behavior in the future and protect your employees.

How Can Upstate Private Investigators Help You?

Upstate Private Investigators is a top-notch private investigation firm serving the greater Greenville area. We have over 25 years of experience in dealing with corporate investigations and employee background checks.

Our licensed and professionally trained private investigators understand the sensitivity around a corporate investigation and the data involved.

We understand that real money and peoples’ livelihoods are at stake in a company and we navigate the investigation accordingly.

You will find that our team is available 24/7 to handle your queries and give you crucial updates regarding your case.

Our private investigator will sit down with you for an initial briefing to gatherer the required requirements. We will then execute the plan of action with your approval using the best technology and equipment for your case.

Are you looking to launch a corporate investigation in your company? Contact us for help today.



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