I’m Suspecting Employee Theft, Can an Undercover PI Help?

Every business owner is vulnerable to different forms of theft (including employee theft), regardless of the size of the company. These theft occurrences can result from a lack of oversight of management or inadequate checks and balances. The resulting consequence is that it bleeds the company of its resources and time. Many businesses, in the long-run struggle to cover the costs of such occurrences.

Private investigators understand how hard business owners strive to build their company. It is therefore frustrating when employees decide to steal from their employers. Often, business owners leave these theft occurrences uninvestigated because of their complexity. However, it is important to investigate and resolve theft incidents in your business.

Companies have now recognized the need to conduct undercover private investigations. Many business owners resort to the help of undercover private investigators (PI) rather than request police assistance. This helps them resolve the matter faster.

If you suspect theft at your business, you can confirm your suspicions by hiring an undercover PI trained in theft investigation.

What Is Employee Theft?

Employee theft is the stealing or misuse of the assets and resources of a business without direct permission. It occurs in every industry and common examples are worker’s compensation fraud, embezzlement, skimming, fraudulent disbursement, etc. It is a menace to the survival of businesses and can negatively impact its growth.

Employee theft can occur with both direct employees and contractors and it threatens the credibility, integrity, and success of your business. One of the ways to curb workplace stealing is to outsource theft investigations to private investigators. Getting professional assistance helps to uncover the truth and demonstrates to other employees that you have a zero-tolerance policy for theft.

Businesses thrive by their brand reputation; thus, you must protect it. Hiring a private investigator helps prevent unforeseen problems and keeps employee theft from reoccurring. If your business is a victim of employee theft, Upstate Private Investigators can handle help. Contact us today.

How Does Employee Theft Happen?

Statistics show that 25% of all employees will steal from their employer if the opportunity presents itself. Therefore almost every workplace stealing is governed by a single factor — opportunity. A staff who sees the chance to carry out a theft with minimal risk will most likely do so.

This is why you should conduct background checks before hiring employees. Also, limit staff access to sensitive information and ensure only those with top security clearance can access such data. Finally, put measures in place to keep key staff from using their skills to steal from the company.

Is Hiring an Uncover Private Investigator Necessary for Theft Investigations?

Data shows 30% of all businesses fail because of internal theft. Thankfully, employee theft can be investigated, and the guilty parties held responsible for their actions. Unfortunately, most business owners do not think hiring undercover private investigators is necessary. But it is, as we will see shortly.

Before starting a theft investigation into your business, assign a private investigator. Hiring one is a proactive step to tackle the problem early and prevent financial losses. In addition, private investigators are unbiased parties which helps them stay objective during an investigation.

There are many other advantages to hiring a Greenville, SC, private investigator. We discuss them below.

  • Ability to Find the Truth

If you suspect theft in your business, it will benefit you to hire a PI. They are experienced in putting together corrective action plans to uncover the truth about theft occurrences. In addition, they have various tools and resources that aid theft investigations.

By using different investigative methods, such as tracking phone records, conducting interviews, etc., they can find out precisely what happened. They can also get the point of view of witnesses to a particular action.

  • Gather Evidence of Theft

A private investigator is an unbiased third party and one of the benefits of hiring one is their fair pursuit of the truth. They are skilled in gathering evidence to prove workplace theft. The PI will review company documents, carry out surveillance, conduct background checks on employees, etc. The evidence gathered can also be admissible in court when necessary.

  • Liaise With Law Enforcement Officers

Private investigators work closely with the police to investigate allegations of theft. Most of them liaise with law enforcement to effect an arrest on employees found guilty of stealing.

What Methods Do Private Investigators Use in Theft Investigations?

Some of the standard methods used by undercover private investigators when investigating theft are:

  • Surveillance

Undercover private investigators use surveillance to carry out close observation of their subjects. Their contacts, movements, and interactions are followed and adequately documented. Information gathered during the surveillance process is used to help the business owner (client). The information can be used against the subject or for what the business owner wishes to use it.

  • Conduct Fact-Finding Interviews

Private investigators can begin working in earnest by interviewing your workers or witnesses who have information about the theft. The more information gathered, the more likely they can create a clear picture of the situation.

  • Computer Surveillance

Employees have access to tons of critical business information. They can use such information to the detriment of their employer. In addition to general surveillance, private investigators monitor the subject’s computer usage.

The PI can install spyware or other monitoring programs on the subject’s computer. The information gotten from such surveillance helps employers know what employees are doing with company information. Thus, you save your business from a lot of trouble.

  • Security Analysis

PIs are trained to analyze documents, social media, or any other evidence that can help determine the history of their subject. As a result, they will provide background information that will help you build a case against an employee.

  • Undercover Operations

To investigate workplace theft, the PI company may place experienced undercover operatives within your company to work discreetly. Undercover operations are commonly conducted as part of workplace theft investigations. So long as the investigator follows the law, undercover investigations are legal.

Do You Want to Conduct a Theft Investigation? Reach Out to Greenville, SC, Private Investigators for Help Today!

Employee theft is a crucial concern for business owners. Theft can be challenging to deal with and can have a significant impact on businesses. Hence, business owners must protect their interests. If you suspect theft at your business, it is critical to investigate.

However, investigating work theft can be a complicated process. At Upstate Private Investigators, we offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. We are an unbiased party when it comes to theft investigations. You can rely on our confidentiality and discretion in handling the security issues and matters affecting your business assets and reputation.

Reach out to our Greenville private investigators for assistance today. We are available 24/7 to attend to your needs.



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