Background Checks on Potential New Hires: Get Them

Don’t overlook background checks for your employees. There is a certain level of desperation that could come with applying for a job. For this reason, prospective employees do what they can, right or wrong, to give a good impression. Job seekers may engage in omitting, falsifying, or misrepresenting facts. Therefore, your company must get it right before opening its doors to new staff. One of the most popular ways to ensure personnel quality is background checks.

The quality of employees significantly affects the success of every organization. An employee can either make or mar a company’s future. For this reason, many successful companies make sure to invest in not only their employees but also the hiring process. We will examine why you should seriously consider background checks for recruits as you read on.

What Is a Background Check?

A background check is a process that involves verifying if information about a person or organization is accurate. This information includes identity, criminal records, driving records, credit history, employment history, educational history, and political leanings. Background checks also involve finding out if such an individual or company has any inadequacies of interest.

Although widely used to mean the same thing, there is a thin line between a background check and a reference check. Background checks typically verify information that does not relate directly to the skill of the potential new hire. On the other hand, reference checks investigate the performance records of the potential recruit.

Why Should I Get Background Checks on Potential Hires?

As mentioned earlier, the quality of your staff will impact the overall performance of your company. Also, your employees are the face of your organization. Therefore, you want to hire people whose views and behavior are not only safe but reflective of what your organization stands for.

Also, you owe it to your clients to protect them from harmful interactions with questionable characters representing your organization. Apart from clients, hiring the right helps your company culture and protects other staff from unpleasant encounters.

There is a chance that background checks haven’t been part of your hiring process because you are unaware of its advantages. Your organization can benefit from a well-executed background check for new hires. Let’s see what they are:

  • To Preserve Your Company’s Reputation

Your company’s reputation is priceless. What people think about your brand is crucial to its success. One malpractice from an employee can undo all the credibility and respect your brand may have garnered over the years. You don’t want to hire anyone who tends to unprofessional behavior. You want your employees to be compliant with your company’s culture.

A pre-employment background check will help you see any warning signals to steer clear of a potential hire. For example, background checks will help you know any history of criminal behavior. In addition, checking for previous work behavior through the employment history checks can discover any errant actions by the person.

Background checks will help you discover if a prospective employee has been sanctioned by their former employer for any wrongful act. Social media checks can reveal any strange or harmful moral or political leanings.

  • Data Security

Company data security should be at the top of your concerns. Background checks will show if a prospective hire is careless with customer or company data. Employees have been known to reveal private information out of mischief, monetary gain, or for favors.

  • Reduce Possibilities of Fraud

Background checks, if well conducted, can help reveal any propensity for fraud in a prospective employee. Criminal history, bankruptcy, and other moral failings are usually signs that point to the tendency for fraudulent activity.

  • Employee Protection

Your employees need protection too. Hiring an employee with deviant behavior can be detrimental to the job satisfaction of other employees. Background checks will identify a history of sexual harassment, verbal abuse, or any conduct that will create a toxic work environment for your staff.

  • Professionalism and Legal Compliance

Your organization needs to hire employees who appreciate the need to maintain high ethical standards. This is especially so if your organization operates under regulation or regulatory bodies. But, again, a background check is usually your best bet in spotting any tendency for ethical violation in any potential staff.

Benefits of Using Third-Party Investigators for Background Checks

There are several options on your table regarding pre-employment background checks. You can carry out background checks or use a third-party or private investigator. Several websites assist in specific areas of background checks too.

The question, however, is, what kind of background check will give your organization the service it deserves? Also, does your organization have the skill or equipment to conduct in-depth and comprehensive checks?

The answers to the questions above have led many organizations to outsource their background checks to private investigators. Here is why you should consider doing so too.

  • Experience

Private investigators have been on the same job for several years. For some, it’s been decades of uncovering hidden information. Plus, there is a certain edge that experience provides. Therefore, take advantage of the experience of a private investigator to arrive at the best results.

  • Unbiased Investigation

Biased or prejudiced investigations are deemed to be worse than no investigation. Private investigators have been trained to be clinical in their work. Therefore, private investigators are immune to biases that may impede the success of an inquiry.

  • Legal Compliance

Some laws protect the rights of prospective employees when it comes to background checks. One of these is the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) which governs access to credit reports by private investigators. A private investigator should be apprised of the laws governing safe investigations in a particular location. Hiring a skilled investigator will relieve your worries about any potential lawsuits.

  • Evidence Gathering

Private investigators usually won’t have a hard time digging up evidence as you would. They also know where to look for every piece of evidence they require and know easy and fast ways to do so.

  • Accuracy

The training of a private investigator helps them deliver more accurate information than you would. Private investigators follow a meticulous system in arriving at their results. These systems ensure that they compare pieces of evidence till they arrive at fool-proof findings.

Hire Experienced Private Investigators in South Carolina

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